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7th Sept. to 9th Sept. 2020

Part 1: Satan, the accuser of the Brethren

Part 2: We wrestle not against flesh and blood

Part 3: The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Lean not on your own understanding

10th Sept. to 11th Sept. 2020

Part 1: I uttered that I understood not

Part 2: Unity of the Faith

The Grace of God  by Bro. Lawrence Tay

12th Sept. to 14th Sept. 2020

Part 1 The Grace of God that brings Salvation

Part 2 The Grace of God that brings Salvation

Part 3 Christ the Rock of Our Salvation, Our Stone

Holy is His Name by Bro. Andrew C. Phiri

15th Sept. to 16th Sept. 2020

Part 1: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain

Part 2: Married to Him in Name and Life

Approaching God by Bro. James Veremu

17th Sept. to 19th Sept.2020

Part 1 Approaching God the right way

Part 2 How to Pray

Part 3 Be ye Fruitful

That you may Know by Bro. Tim McKay

21st Sept. to 23rd Sept. 2020

Part 1 Do you have the Holy Spirit?

Part 2 Beware of False Balances

Part 3 I will Breakdown the Wall

“Lovest thou me more than these?” by Bro. Andrew C. Phiri

24th Sept. 2020

Peter’s Journey of Faith