Sabbath Question (P2)


Shalom Sir,

I thank God for using the ministry He has committed unto you to simplify some of the basic teachings of the Bible. Your series on ‘Who is God and who is Jesus’ has been of tremendous blessing to me. Please I would like to know more about the subject matter on Sabbath. How observing service on Sunday instead of Saturday (Sabbath day) isn’t a disobedience to the law of Sabbath according to Exodus 20:8?’

Bro J.

Response (Part 2):

Annual Website Renewal Announcement

Shalom all,

This website ministry is kept online annually by free-will contributions from different believers who have found it a blessing. It is again that time of the year when this website has to renew its subscription. We request all who are able to, to contribute towards the payment of US$320.00 annual subscription and domain registration.

To contribuet contact the undersigned.

To all who have always contributed towards this online ministry, your efforts have made it possible for different ministries to be a blessing to believers aroud the world.

God bless you.

A C Phiri