India Visit Report


Pastor Hubert D’souza (Mumbai, India)

It was the 25th of October 2022, when our precious Bro. Andrew Phiri along with his beloved wife arrived on a visit to Mumbai. The scheduled time of his arrival was about 2:15 pm at the Mumbai airport, yet his flight arrived about 1:40 pm, about 35 minutes earlier than its scheduled time. I reached the airport eagerly awaiting at 2:15 pm, expecting him to be out of the airport early yet the Customs took some time and delayed his process and finally he was out at about 4:00 pm. We were glad meeting each other and my son Joash who works at the airport came along and we headed to our home at Borivali. I knew that the travel must have been hectic so after refreshment we asked them to rest for the evening. That late evening we discussed about the ministry and each other’s welfare. I then narrated the program that was scheduled about the meetings in Mumbai Pune and Khanvel.

Meetings in Pune

The Mumbai meetings were just in the evenings as it was working days for most of the people. The church certainly delighted of the blessing that the Lord bestowed upon us through his servant Bro. Andrew Phiri. He preached on ‘THE BREAKING OF HE ALABASTER BOX’ and gave a simple yet a delightful revelation that truly brought a great joy in the presence of the Lord. He also spoke about ‘THE BEATEN OLIVES’, another wonderful revelation in the simplicity of the scripture, Bro. Andrew explained the laborious process  extracting the oil. The type of beaten olives to bring forth the pure olive is a perfect type of a Christian life. These truly anointed messages are worth going through (the sermons are available here).

We also enjoyed listening to some Zambian worship songs through Bro. Andrew and his wife Norah Phiri. So the two days, 26th & 27th October were a great spiritual festivity for our local Assembly. We at Faith Assembly Mumbai will cherish these memories for a long time.

With Sis. Flossy D’souza

A full day gospel meeting was organized in Pune City on the 28th of Oct. 2022. This city is about 170 kilometres From the city of Mumbai. It was organized at the St. John School hall, Pune Camp road. Bro. Andrew spoke In two sessions (pre and post lunch sessions). Afternoon meals were arranged by the Pastors family. Pastor More’ serves in Pune, his assembly is called Grace Covenant Church. He has two daughters Priya and Priti who are extremely talented in leading gospel worship songs. The worship was very melodious and uplifting, all were certainly blessed. I truly appreciate the efforts taken by the entire family to make the event successful and glorious.  The brothers presence brought joy to everyone’s heart. Various ministers and believers gathered from far and wide to hear the word of God. Pastor Sona Dethe from Ahmednagar came forth with his ill son to be prayed over, and the Lord was gracious towards him. Pastor Manoj from Pune city also joined the gathering and was blessed.

Pastor Sona Dethe officially welcomes Brother Phiri to Pune with a flower presentation

Bro. Vijay Kermode from Mumbai also had joined in the gathering along with his daughter and were blessed. The saints delighted in taking photographs with Bro. Andrew and his wife. Finally the meetings at Pune City came to an end, and we were made to stay at a decent hotel lodge, the YMCA in Pune. We all enjoyed every bit of the gathering and stay in Pune. The next morning, we left to Mumbai that was the 29th of October. We all had a good rest and were now ready on 30th October  early morning to leave for Khanvel.

The next destination was Khanvel a state of Gujarat in India. About 170 kms from Mumbai. Pastor Nana Shinde serves the Lord in that tribal area called Bengaon. He is serving among the tribals for the past 20 years. He has spread the gospel among the tribals and has baptized them in Christ. His meticulous work has brought life among the tribal community and the gospel is preached. The saints had long awaited for this day in preparation for the final moment. Pastor More from Pune and Pastor Manoj from Pune drove all the way from Pune for over 7 to 8 hours and reached Khanvel. We came from Mumbai and also reached the destination. We had to carry the sound system and the musical instrument was carried by the More family. The meetings in Khanvel were for two days and all the sessions went perfectly good for the glory of God.

Khanvel Meetings

In all there were 6 sessions of which Bro. Andrew Phiri took four sessions and one  session was taken by Pastor Hubert and another one by Pastor Manoj. Bro. Phiri spoke from the scriptures to the standard of the tribals. Even many testimonies of the village meetings in Africa, which boosted the morale of the tribals in Bengaon. The food and breakfast with tea was provided by the tribal saints. We truly appreciate all the hard work the saints in this tribal area had done for the glory of God. We were made to stay in a beautiful hotel lodge which was about 7 kms away from the meeting place. It was a beautiful time of fellowship specially with Priti and Priya leading the worship. Bro. Andrew also taught us how to greet in a Zambian language. It was joyfull and every moment were sweet memories. The tribal folks will long remember the precious moments of these meetings. The next day Pastor Nana Shinde took us to a Dam, there was also a beautiful landscape to view. We went boating in the lake. We also visited a tribal Art Gallery.

Sightseeing in Khanvel

Sightseeing in Khanvel

After the beautiful sightseeing we started our journey back to Mumbai. We were back in Mumbai by late evening. The 2nd Nov., was a day of rest and shopping specially for sis. Nora. That evening we were invited by Bro. Russell from Mumbai to his house for dinner. Sis Reena bro. Russell’s wife is a very talented cook, we were blessed by the delicacies prepared by her. The next day was the 3rd of Nov.’22., Bro. Andrew and his wife left for Singapore. We all thank our Lord for his precious visit and all those precious moment… the Lord bless them for evermore.