Nyali Mission



Construction works of the Nyali Mission Centre is scheduled to start in the first week of September, 2018.



Believers’ Assembly church building project


Nyali Mission is a ministry working to take the Gospel and charity works to the rural villages of Africa. “Nyali” means Light. We believe that God’s Word is Light and out of that Light comes Life (John 1:1-4).

The Light of God overcomes darkness! Centuries ago Dr David Livingstone of Scotland had a burden to bring the Gospel to Africa. So troublesome were the missionary journeys that many missionaries, including Dr Livingstone, lost their lives. The missionaries came to convert and also educate the African man to read and be civilsed. Although we can read, pray and earn an income today there still remains much to be done in the rural villages of Africa. 2Some eight years ago I had started a project to help poor Christian believers in Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. I contacted three friends (one from Namibia and another from Ghana) with whom we started saving up money for charity efforts. We had managed to get a motorcyle for a gallant missionary in Uganda, and at another time helped a Nigerian missionary to go and minister in India. Many believers in my local assembly joined efforts to send clothes, money and disaster relief to Malawi and Mozambique. What followed next were various incessant requests for help. A number of times I took some brothers to accompany me to visit some of the areas. In such moments it was always heart-breaking to experience the deep poverty levels in remote villages. These are places that few preachers would be interested to go and preach. What is more, one can never see the modern-missionary of ‘Give and Prosper Ministries’ in such poor rural places. The reason is simple. Such ‘businessmen’ wont be able to find people who can sow ‘seeds’ in the ‘fertile’ grounds of their ‘Give and Prosper’ ministries’. Such deceptive ministries do not work to serve Christ but to manipulate and make merchandise of people (2 Peter 2:3).

Today rural places in Zambia have remained in the boondocks of civilsation. Whilst young people are obsessed with city life, and the wealthy politicians continue to take vacations to London and other beautiful places of the world, these villages remain in abject poverty, with no proper schools, no proper health facilities, no electricity,  and no good roads.


A nursery school in Muuma village of Chipata in Zambia which I visited in September 2017

Some five years ago I had gone to Chipata, in the Eastern Province of Zambia, where I preached and prayed for people at a revival meeting. From that time I started working on a plan to concentrate more efforts on how missionary work can be effectively done in the villages. In 2015 we started doing farming activities in the area and in the process started assisting people in differenr ways. In September, 2017, I visited Muuma Village to meet the chief and the headmen to request for 15 hectares of land for a church and a mission school.The meeting was successful and at the end of it I proclaimed in my heart, “Kuyere!” (Let there be Light).

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