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7th Sept. to 9th Sept. 2020

Part 1: Satan, the accuser of the Brethren

Part 2: We wrestle not against flesh and blood

Part 3: The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Lean not on your own understanding

10th Sept. to 11th Sept. 2020

Part 1: I uttered that I understood not

Part 2: Unity of the Faith

The Grace of God  by Bro. Lawrence Tay (Canada)

12th Sept. to 14th Sept. 2020

Part 1 The Grace of God that brings Salvation

Part 2 The Grace of God that brings Salvation

Part 3 Christ the Rock of Our Salvation, Our Stone

Holy is His Name by Bro. Andrew C. Phiri (Zambia)

15th Sept. to 16th Sept. 2020

Part 1: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain

Part 2: Married to Him in Name and Life

Approaching God by Bro. James Veremu (Zimbabwe)

17th Sept. to 19th Sept.2020

Part 1 Approaching God the right way

Part 2 How to Pray

Part 3 Be ye Fruitful

That you may Know by Bro. Tim McKay (USA)

21st Sept. to 23rd Sept. 2020

Part 1 Do you have the Holy Spirit?

Part 2 Beware of False Balances

Part 3 I will Breakdown the Wall

“Lovest thou me more than these?” by Bro. Andrew C. Phiri (Zambia)

24th Sept. 2020

Peter’s Journey of Faith

On the road to Emmaus by Bro. Jesse M. Nzima (Zambia)

25th Sept. to 27th Sept. 2020

Part 1 He expounded the Word to them

Part 2 Our hope lies in that right place

True Worship by Bro. Hubert D’souza (Mumbai, India)

28th Sept. to 30th Sept. 2020

Part 1 Worship in Spirit

Part 2 The Pain of Betrayal

Part 3 God is our Porter

That I may Know Him by Bro. Kimani Njogukim (Kenya)

1st Oct. to 3rd Oct.2020

Part 1: Testimony of Jacob

Part 2: Who do men say that I am?

Part 3: Reflecting on Paul

David, A man After God’s Heart by Bro. Andrew Phiri (Zambia)

5th Oct. to 10th Oct. 2020

Part 1 The Choosing of God

Part 2 Cunning in Playing

Part 3 Mighty in War

Part 4 Prudent Man

Part 5 Comely Person

Part 6 The Lord is with Him

They Obtained a Good Report by Bro. Lawrence Tay (Canada)

12th Oct. to 16th Oct.2020 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The Coming of the Lord by Bro. James Veremu (Zimbabwe)

19th to 23rd Oct. 2020

Part 1 The Coming of the Lord

Part 2 The Coming of the Lord

Part 3 The Coming of the Lord

Part 4 Life

Part 5 Overcomers

Why Galilee by Bro. Tim McKay (USA)

26th to 30th Oct. 2020

Part 1: Why Galilee?

Part 2: Why Galilee?

Part 3: Why Galilee?

Part 4: What are the Works of Abraham?

Part 5: What are the Works of Abraham?

Four Categories of Believers of this Present Age by Bro. Hubert D’souza (India)

2nd to 6th Nov.2020

Part 1: Four categroies of Believers of this Present Age

Part 2: Fighting a Good Fight of Faith

Part 3: Dawn of a New Beginning

Part 4: Ridicule

Part 5: God’s Work our Work

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven by Bro. Edgardo Resos (Philippines)

9th to 13th Nov. 2020

Part 1: The Gate of Heaven

Part 2: The Gates of Hell

Part 3: Faith and the Spirit

Part 4: Acts of Faith

Be Vigilant by Bro. Jesse Nzima (Zambia)

16th to 20th Nov.2020

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

As it was in the Days of Noah by Bro. Kimani Njogukim (Kenya)

23rd to 27th Nov.2020

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Stirring the Gift that is in You by Bro Andrew C Phiri (Zambia)

1stDec to 4th Dec.2020

Part 1 Know and Believe

Part 2 Fellowship

Part 3 Walking with God

Part 4 Decide!

Make your Choice by Bro Masuzyo Chavula ( Zambia)

15th to 19th March 2021

Part 1: Daily Routine

Part 2: The Acts and Ways of God

Part 3: Stand as an Individual

Part 4: Stay with the Message

Part 5: Make your Choice

Foundation by Bro. James Veremu (Zimbabwe)

22nd to 26th March 2021

Part 1: Foundation

Part 2: Rooted in Him

Part 3: As it was prophesied

Part 4: Live right

Part 5: Crowd of Witnesses

Satan among Sons and Daughters of God by Bro. Andrew C Phiri (Zambia)

29th March to 3rd April 2021

Part 1: Third, Second and First Heavens

Part 2: Satan Resisting Joshua before the Lord

Part 3: The man Job

Part 4: The Speaking of God

Part 5: Do you know what manner of Spirit ye are of?

Part 6: A lying spirit in heaven?

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory by Bro. Hubert D’souza (India)

5th to 9th April 2021

Part 1: Five milestones in the Life of Christ

Part 2: Mystery Truth

Part 3: One World Order

The Strong City by Bro. Edgardo Resos (Philippines)

12th to 16th April 2021

Part 1: Strong City 1

Part 2: Strong City 2

Part 3: The Household of God

Part 4: God’s Time and His Work 1

Part 5: God’s Time and His Work 2

Revival by Bro. Tim McKay (USA)

19th to 23rd April 2021

Revival 1

Revival 2

Revival 3

Revival 4

Revival 5

Salvation and Reward by Bro.Lawrence Tay (Canada)

26th to 30th April 2021

Part 1: Salvation is by Grace, not Works

Part 2: After Salvation  there is Work and Rewards

Part 3 Salvation and Reward

Part 4 Salvation and Reward

Part 5 Salvation and Reward

Who is God? by Bro. James M. Veremu (Zimbabwe)

10th to 14th May 2021

Who is God 1

Who is God 2

Who is God 3

Who is God 4

Who is God 5

Where the word of the King is, there is Power by Bro. Martin W. Wanyama (Kenya)

17th to 21st May 2021

Seeing Eye to Eye by Bro.Albert Matimbe (Zimbabwe)

21st to 25th June 2021

Eye to Eye 1

Eye to Eye 2

Eye to Eye 3

Eye to Eye 4

Let your Light So Shine Before Men by Bro. Kimani Njogukim (Kenya)

Let your Light 1

Let your light 2

Revive Us Again by Bro. Tim McKay (USA)

Revive Us Again 1

Revive Us Again 2

Revive Us Again 3

Revive Us Again 4

Revive Us Again 5

Stages of Christian Growth by Bro. James Veremu (Zimbabwe)

Christian Growth 1

Christian Growth 2

The Two Roads by Bro Edgardo Resos (Philippines)

16th Aug. to 20th Aug. 2021

Two Roads 1

Two Roads 2

Two Roads 3

Two Roads 4

Two Roads 5

Prayer by Bro Tim McKay (USA)

30th Aug. to 3rd Sep. 2021

Prayer 1

Prayer 2

Prayer 3

Prayer 4

Prayer 5

Pressing Forward by Bro. JP Rouhana (Lebanon)

6th to 10th Sep. 2021

Pressing Forward

Our Eternal Purpose

The Blood Speaketh

The Perfect Day

Our Final Redemption

Called to be Witnesses by Bro A C Phiri 

20th to 24th Sep. 2021

Witnesses 1

Witnesses 2

Witnesses 3

Witnesses 4

Witnesses 5

Testimony Week

1st to 5th Nov. 2021

Blessed by the Ministry of Bro John Mark Louse by Sis Valentine Dsouza (Mangalore, India)

Good is Good by Bro Paul Kirui (Kenya)

How the Message of the Hour changed me by Sis Dorothy Kiare (Kenya)