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  1. Would a school qualification or government regulation end the problem of immoral pastors in Zambia?
  2. Can the Parable of Ten Virgins be related to the Parable of the Sower?
  3. What does it mean to come to “the unity of the faith” (Eph.4:13)?
  4. Does Ezekiel 16:11-14 permit women to wear earrings and other forms of worldly adornments?
  5. Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence?
  6. Is it wrong for a Christian to donate or use donated blood?
  7. Jesus Christ and the apostles drunk wine, so why should it be wrong for Christians to drink?
  8. Isnt taking children to church forcing religion on them? Why not let them grow to later decide for themselves?
  9. Is Jesus ‘God‘ or ‘Son of God‘?
  10. Why did God create Lucifer knowing he would fail?
  11. Is it true that we should use ‘Yeshua’ instead of ‘Jesus’ because ‘Jesus’ is a pagan term which was contrived to make us worship Zeus?
  12. Is having a pastor or leader in church being denominational?
  13. Seventh Day Adventists teach that Matthew 24:39-40 is not about the Rapture. In these verses the people who “shall be taken” are said to actually go into destruction. Is that true?
  14. What can I do to receive the Holy Spirit and the power to perform Signs and Wonders according to Acts 1:8?

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