“Forbidden Theology” now available on amazon.com and other online stores!


With the ground breaking discovery of microwave background radiation, which gave significant evidence of the Big Bang, and the unearthing of some fossils which date back to many more years beyond the era of Adam and Eve, many have reduced the once revered Holy Scriptures to mere products of antiquity…Today skeptics fail to take the Bible  seriously when they read about sin having begun when the first couple ate a fruit – could the gross pain and suffering of humanity be really have been caused by the eating of an apple?… And what would be the logical connection between man’s Original Sin and the subsequent redemption by a conception that bypassed sexual intercourse?

This writing explores the Genesis story of the beginning, the Original Sin and subsequent redemption through the pure blood of Jesus Christ. To the believer this book is dedicated, but, if you happen to be an atheist who gets nauseated at any mention of the words “God”, “angel”, or “Holy Spirit” but are still curious to follow the exposition, it perhaps may help to regard the words as referring to extra-terrestrials.

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Watch this space for announcements concerning the book launch conference during which I will give lectures on the major themes covered in the book. After the launch event the book will be available in the book stores around the country.

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9 thoughts on ““Forbidden Theology” now available on amazon.com and other online stores!”

  1. Was about to order the books but the import fees are double the cost of book. Is it possible for you to send to us in India? how much will it cost?

    Sis Gladys

  2. Thanks for making such an inspirational book available to us. I’m ordering 10 copies for my family and friends. I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Hmmm…your review so far on atheism is spot on. I like the way you tackle errors and how you don’t run when your faith needs to be proved. Admire your works. It’s very sound and tolerant. God give you strength and bless you. Big ups

  4. Knowledge and wisdom is what I got after reading this book.may God bless you sir for your work

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