CURRENT BOOK PROJECT – “Answering the Question, ‘Who Created the Creator?'”


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Its a beautiful day here in Lusaka, Zambia – wonderful cool weather, after long series of hot dry spells!

It is refreshing to receive various emails concerning how the book – “Why I Believe God Exists” – has helped in demonstrating the interface between faith and science. My hope and prayer is for the believer to know the certainty of faith in God, and also to present an opportunity to those unbelievers who would consider listening, to take time to examine where the scientific evidence points to – “the Non-existence of God” or “the existence of God”? In all this however, true faith is not a mere academic or intellectual exercise; there has to be a real experience of God’s power to seal the testimony in a person’s heart.

I am now dedicating my time on the forthcoming book to be titled: “Answering the Question: ‘Who created the creator?‘”.This is a major question that often comes in discussions and debates between atheists and theists and so I have decided to dedicate a whole book to answering the question. My meditations and reflections on this question this far are exciting me,enthusing me to quickly get done with the writing and let it out to the public. However, at present I have only written a quarter of the book. By January I should be able to tell when likely the book can be published.

Have a blessed day, and always remember that there is “reason” behind “the hope” of a believer”!

God bless you.

A C Phiri

2 thoughts on “CURRENT BOOK PROJECT – “Answering the Question, ‘Who Created the Creator?'””

  1. I’m personally blessed by the book. Am still reading it and I have found the arguments raised in proving the existence of God very solid and consistent with logic.
    Definitely looking forward to your new book Mr Phiri.
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  2. B. Phiri,
    I have been blessed by your previous two books and look forward to your newest endeavor. You have answered questions I have contemplated myself and I am thankful for your rational and biblically sound approach to these deep theological questions.
    May the Lord guide your pen as you write!
    S. Bree

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