THE JOY OF MARRIAGE: Why some marriages work and others fail


Its our wedding anniversary with Norah today, 15th August, and this book is our gift to couples and those about to marry.

When I look back to the years we have been with Norah, it seems our joy and maturity keeps growing. However, its always been distressing to handle counselling sessions of couples whose marriages are on the verge of collapse. It seems everywhere I go – locally and overseas – the marriage problem has one face and language. Even so, its been greatly encouraging to see some marriages get restored and love get rekindled among couples who attend our bi-monthly Believers Couples Fellowship meetings at Believers’ Assembly Church. The new book – “THE JOY OF MARRIAGE: Why some marriages work and others fail” – brings into one place crucial factors that enable a marriage to be successful. If one is humble enough and willing to change, there is another world of marriage that you may have never experienced.

The book is available on Amazon – Buy it here


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