Science speaks and now viral in the news: “Neanderthals bled with Humans”

This news item about scientists saying Neanderthals  bled with humans keeps making news headlines. People will believe when they see it on BBC, CBS News or when a scientist speaks, but yet the Bible actually already said something about the subject.

The Bible does reveal that the Original Sin committed in the Garden of Eden involved mankind (Eve) mating with animal kind (an upright talking-beast called Serpent, not snake!). I discuss this subject in detail in the book Forbidden Theology: Making sense of the Genesis story” (available on Amazon).


I titled the “Forbidden Theology” because it is one subject theologians would not want to hear or teach. But if they could give even one minute of their attention to the exposition they would soon realise and be thankful of the rational explanation of why Jesus was not born through Sex. They will realise why there is something wrong with human blood and the real reason Jesus said we must be BORN AGAIN!

4 thoughts on “Science speaks and now viral in the news: “Neanderthals bled with Humans””

  1. so sad for me . i desire to get access to it but i still don’t know how to get them.

    1. Email your postal address (showing all details correctly including your country’s zip code) and a copy will be sent to you.

  2. these lines i read show the books contained rich and pure knowledge. may THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY REV. PHIRI

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