“Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence?”

“A lot of money has been spent on SETI to search for alien life in space.Why do many scientists believe that we are most likely not alone in the universe? What are your thoughts on extraterrestrial intelligence?”

“Well” I answered: “I also believe that there are aliens out there!”

“Oh, but you are Christian Andrew!” the questioner shrugged.

“Ofcourse, ‘aliens’, as they call them, are first mentioned in the Bible. Is it not the Bible which told us that there is God, angels, and devils, way before the SETI project was ever set up? If the Son of God with angels came today, they wont cry ‘Jesus!’ They will point guns to the sky and alert the world, ‘Aliens have finally invaded!'”

One thought on ““Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence?””

  1. Br. Andrew. great messages you send me. Thank you… I read the last one. It is good. to hear. How much money goes in projects out of space, billions of dollars. and Genesis 6:17 tell us where the breath of life is under heaven. No need of searching. sis. Isabel

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