“Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews”

Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” – Pilate wrote the words, in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, atop that cruel Roman cross. That was the harshest punishment for the cruelst criminals in Rome. Did Pilate write those words because he believed Jesus to be the king? Far from it. It was a warning of the fate of all would-be trouble makers. At a time when Jews were under the control of Rome and continous Jewish insurrections to fight for independence had been a constant headeache for Rome, for one to declare himself king was quite a treasonable offense. Crucified, up on top of that hill, people were suppose to be afraid of the terrible fate that awaited those who were zealous for an independent Jewish kingdom. However, the faith of desciples and believers did not wane. Theirs was not the kingdom of this world. Like a mighty flame of fire the Gospel spread in Jersulaem and across into Gentile nations! It was not a Gospel of a dead Jesus but the resurrected One whose presence we can feel in His Word and in His manifestations to this day!

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