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On 28th April 2018 I visited believers in Ndola, the provincial town of the Copperbelt  Province of Zambia. Pastor John Kasonde oversees a number of congregations in this region. The last time I was in Ndola was when we took brother John Mark Louse of Uganda to go and minister there. This brought fond memories of that gallant apostle of faith who went on to be with the Lord after that final mission visit.  The day I arrived in Ndola I decided to visit my grandfather (the brother to my mother’s mother). He has avidly read The Original Sin and Genesis books by brother Richard Gan. The books have so deeply impressed him that he always talks about them whenever we meet.

The following day was a Sunday (29th April) and I was scheduled to minister in two places – Kabushi and Chipurukusu. In the morning, after driving me to the main church in Kabushi, Pastor Kasonde left me with the elders and deacons. He proceeded to Chipurukusu to prepare the people for my going there to minister in the afternoon. That later turned out to be a testimony.

In Kabushi I taught from 2 Corinthians on “Treasure in Earthen vessels.” I later learned that highlights emphasised in this preaching were a testimony to the congregants; the deacon at the end of the service testified of how Pastor Kasonde had preached  a similar message the previous Friday. A significant portion of my preaching dwelt on speaking about the Book of Life. So much was spoken about the meaning of Book of Life that other people may have thought that was  the title of the message. Well, we would soon realise that this was  a testimony in making!


Upon arrival at Chipurukusu we found the title of Pastor Kasonde’s morning sermon to that congregation written in big words on the small black board in front of the church  – “The Book of Life“! We praised the Lord for His leading. In this place I preached on “Weight of Glory” (2 Cor.4:17) and towards the end of the sermon I encouraged the believers to stand firm on the Rock despite the various challenges they may face in life. To God be all the Glory.

3 thoughts on “Ndola Visit”

  1. Great to read the report and to see the photos of the humble congregation, The Little Flock of Believers so far away from me here in the USA. We have no congregation, but a handful of believers. so this means a lot to get to see and read about other family members in Christ!
    Thank you Bro. Phiri for all you do and blessed be the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ

  2. We praise the Lord, your visitation here was a blessing to us pastor and indeed the Lord spoke to our lives on the same message starting Friday with pastor Kasonde,Sunday with pastor Phiri.

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