The Way of Escape (Transcribed) by Bro. John Mark Louse

This message was preached by the late Brother John Mark Louse in 2014, in Southern Province of Zambia. The sermon was transcribed unabridged. Any place in the text where three dots appear between words is an indication that we havent yet heard clearly John Mark’s accent and so were unable to transcribe the unclear words. Any emphasis in bold is our work. Words appearing in square brackets were added to make some sentences understandable. This is only the first part of what has been transcribed from the sermon. As soon as we complete other portions of the sermon we will post them on this site. As the transcribing is being done in piecemeals, we have numbered the paragraphs for your easy reference when continuing to read from where you previously ended. You can access the audio file of this sermon on our YouTube channel here. If you have never read about brother John Mark’s testimony read it here. We hope this message will awaken you to the need to walk circumspectly as a believer in this late hour.

The Way of Escape 

1 The Lord bless you church. I greet you all in the Name of Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord because am back home again, after many years. Maybe many of you were just babies, and some were not even born maybe. But I thank the Lord that He is still keeping us. I want also to thank the Lord for Brother Mawino who has been so willing to come over with me and to give me company in prayer and in all things. I want to bring greetings to you from Uganda,  especially [from] my home church in Moroto. Also greetings from my family; my wife and children. And also [from] the church in Kampala, and believers in Zimbabwe and [from] Lusaka. I want to thank the Lord for all that. They sent greetings to you.

2 We just want to read some scriptures here to share, in the book of Matthew. I am called John Mark. My name is John Mark. And then the other name is Louse. That is another name. Matthew Chapter 4. I want us here to share something that the Lord has put in my heart. Let’s first have a word of prayer.

3 Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we want to give you praise and glory even this afternoon Lord. We are happy Lord because you have sustained us, you have kept us, and you have protected us Lord. Even you brought us from Choma along the road and we are here O master! We have found our brothers and sisters gathering before you. Here we are, we present our lives unto you as a living sacrifice. We pray that Lord where we have wronged you, where we have gone astray, you forgive us all our trespasses, O Father. Bless us by the blood of the Lamb and give us the Word of Life for this evening, Lord. Minister to our souls O Father and lift us up to serve you in Spirit and in Truth. Give us the words of Life O Father…to us before thy throne of mercy. That we may hear from you. Father we shut any spirit of the enemy away from here. We call on the Holy Ghost to take the pre-eminence. And cover each one of us O father. Give us the imprest of your own Spirit and minister to us your Word. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

4 Yeah, Chapter 4 of Matthew. We shall read verse 8 and verse 9:

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

5 Let’s also read one scripture in the first letter of John chapter 5, we shall read just one verse from thee. 1 John 5:19. Let’s read from verse 18 also, but verse 19 is what I desire.

We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

6 May the Lord bless the reading of His Word. You can be sitted. Yeah, we just want to share since our time is running fast, The only way of escape. The only way of escape. We know that this world here is in the hands of Satan. Everything you see in the world is possessed by the devil! And all the departments of the world, kingdoms, presidents, and whatever is there is all under the umbrella of this wicked angel called Satan. Because he told Jesus, all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, he says, I can give you if you worship me. Now, it was given to him by Adam because Adam fell off from his rulership. So because of that everything is under the authority and power of the devil. That makes us now to be very very careful how we walk in this world, and everything we possess and we use, we know how to use it, because all of them belong to the hands of the devil. So we are only using them because we are handling the Word of God, and by faith we use them. So because Satan is the king of this world, then there is a way of escape [from] his own pollution and all his sinfulness. Because he is the one possessing everything, everywhere you go whether in college, whether in primary, whether in … Satan is powerful to influence all of them. Everything, even the dressing, even the talk, even the behaviour, everything which people do, it is by the power of Satan!

7 So we need now to know, How am I going to escape all these powers? Because all these things now, we should know how to escape so that we cannot be polluted by Satan. We should have revelation! Because we as God’s children we should abide somewhere in the Word of God there. That’s why Jesus says, Abide in me and my words abide in you. Because if you are not abiding in Jesus Christ and His Word, you are going to be polluted by the devil. Because everything is just under the business of Satan. He is handling all the churches and he is twisting them for his own business and for his own sake. That is why when you enter into various churches what is done there you cannot believe. From their pastor to the deacon to the bench sitters, everything done there is so filthy! Why do people who serve God, who worship God reject the Word of God? You give them baptism in the Name of Jesus, they cannot understand, they cannot believe, they cannot receive, Why?! You give them the way apostle[s] use to baptise, you give them the way the prophet use to lead, they cannot… neither can they believe. Because they are all covered by the god of this world.

8 They are all blindfolded by the god of this world. The god of this world has given them a substitute of the Word of God. He has given them religion instead of salvation. He has given them a college instead of revelation. He has given them falsehood instead of the truth. But we should know, How am I going to escape? Because even if we enter into a church you are going to be polluted.

9 There must be a church in which you can hide yourself in it. Which type of a church is that? The only church who has a revelation of God’s Word, that’s where you have to be! And even though you are there, you yourself must get a revelation [about] how to escape. Because this Devil here is not far even from us. In the days of Job when the children of God where there to present themselves to God, Satan also came there to present himself to God. And God says, “Satan, what is your job here? What are you doing here?” So you can see that there is only one way of escape, and that is what we are desiring to know now – the way of escape!

10 Now the only way of escape is to abide in the Word of the Lord, but not just in a letter, not in a parable, but in the revelation of the plan of God for you and me. Paul said, when I came to you I didn’t use excellency words of man, I don’t do that. But am only coming to present to you the counsel of God. The counsel of God is the revelation of God for you and it is there in the Word of God. It is by revelation how you can escape all the powers of Satan, the falsehood of Satan, and all the things of Satan. It is by revelation.

11 Abel escaped all the falsehood of Satan in his time. How did Abel escape? Because he could not be polluted by Satan. Satan could not dirten him. Abel was a pure seed of God, worshipping God in holiness. He could not be touched. That is how he escaped, by a revelation of the Word of God. He saw Jesus Christ in the mind of God and then he brought his lamb as a substitute of Jesus Christ whom he saw. Then when God saw the sacrifice of Abel, it was a sacrifice which was having the blood, it was a sacrifice which was crying the language of the cross. It was a sacrifice which was crying the language of redemption. He was the only centre of salvation for man. There was healing in the sacrifice of Abel. There was deliverance in the sacrifice of Abel. The forgiveness of sin was hidden in that sacrifice. And when Abel slaughtered his sacrifice, and the blood came out of the throat, his sins were completely covered. Though it was not remitted, but it was covered, because his lamb was a substitute of Jesus. It was only a picture of Jesus Christ but it saved the life of Abel. It made Abel to escape all the falsehood of Satan.

12 Yeah, he showed Jesus the glory of the kingdoms. That’s why even in schools sin is done there. We take our children to school but it is sad to find out that they came back with pregnancy! What happened? We took them to school to study, to have wisdom, here they came with babies which have no fathers. And if they escape to be pregnant in the school, we take them to college [and] after finishing they go now to look for jobs. Now reaching there in the offices with their papers, that “I have a degree, I have also a diploma, I have a certificate, I am supposed to go in veterinary…”  In the office there they’ve got a big huge devil called a boss telling your daughter, “if you want to get the job you be my friend. These [application] letters here without you accepting what I am saying you are just nothing.” Now the poor girl because she wants a job she accepts to be influenced by this demon, and yet this man is a house of HIV. The girl has got the job, after two to three years she is already affected, she is already dying now. This one is completely covered by Satan.

13 That’s why he was telling Jesus, “All the glory of these kingdoms are in my hands.” So all our children, our sons and daughters, they must be in the Word of God if they want to escape! But the problem is that our children are not dedicated to hear the Word of God in the church. And since they are not dedicated they cannot have revelation which can help them in the time of trial, there in the offices. They have not been listening to what was spoken by the pastors. And yet what was given here it was supposed to be a revelation to guide you in your school, even in your getting your job.

14 So we need to see where is the way of escape. It is only the Word of God. This Word of God is the one which can hide your life. Because there is no arrow which can penetrate the Word of God. Everything we see will pass away, the Word of God abideth forever.

15 How did Daniel escape the pollution in the land of Babylon (in the book of Daniel chapter one verse eight)? How did he escape? Yes, that’s why it is good to be in fellowship like this, so that we are instructed [on] how to escape the pollution of the world. Because you are a different person. You are a son, you are a daughter of a king, and you are supposed to keep yourself clean! You are supposed to live a holy life here on earth. You are supposed to look like your Father here on earth so that when time comes for you to go to him you’ll have no condemnation, because you have been hiding in the Word and your life is clean.

16 Daniel 1:8,

But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.

Now, the Bible said Daniel decided that, I cannot defile myself. That is how you can escape. You have to communicate to your heart that I cannot defile myself by anything of this world here! Because all the things of the world here, they are so defiling.

17 Anything you touch in this world here, if you don’t touch it by revelation you are going to be defiled. That’s why the Bible says [that] even our dressing must be by the revelation of the Word of God. Because Satan is hanging in every clothe in the shop. He has put his own shoes there in the shop, in the market. And you who is a believer, when you go to buy a shoe or a cloth, you must be led by the Spirit of God! How…how are you going to be okay in the church here when you are buying shoes which are like this?…um?…What is that?…um… What kind of shoes is that? …um?… It is just a trap! Anytime, even when walking alone it will just break your leg. Because it is the devil putting a trap there and yet it is a costly shoe, you buy with a lot of money, but it is a trap. And this time the clothes which are there are so transparent like nets of mosquito. If you have to buy [one for] a sister you have to buy again the inner one which is very thick, which is very heavy… now the outward is so transparent and then the inner one you have to buy another heavy one. Costly! Everything costly. So we need to know, how am  I going to escape all this pollution?

18 You know angels told Lot, “You run and escape!...” But all what was in that city looked so good. Now, all that was in the city, plus the people of the city, were wicked before the Lord. So you need to hide yourself in the Word of God. Because it is in the Word of God where our safety is. When you are in the Word of God Satan’s powers are powerless to touch you! The Bible says, the Word of God is so powerful and is alive! Powerful so that anyone who has the Word of God in the heart he cannot be touched. It is so powerful that when you have the Word of God you are feared by demons.

19 There is no church which Satan can fear. Even the Message churches today, Satan has entered and given pastors wives and wives plus wives! And [they] think they are rich with wives. Why? They have not found a way of escape. And yet, the revelation of the Word of God for this day is the only escape you have to hide yourself in! You have to hide yourself in the revelation of God’s Word.

20…The  Messenger of the Hour, how many people approached him, they wanted to give him millions and millions of money. He refused. It is not that money is bad, but if it is money given by Satan you just reject it. I remember when I first began preaching in Karamoja. The bishop of Protestants came with his reverend [and] they called me in the office.

They said, “Now John Mark it is good that you have come here…We want you to come…I want you to be here so that that church there”, he was showing me a very big cathedral, “that church there, you are going to be a pastor of that church. And the diocese, the church is going to educate your children. And every week we are going to give you food, and powdered milk, even oil, every week we are going to give your family! Come so that we preach together.

I told them, I told him “Mister  bishop, thank you for all what you are talking, but do you know the one who has sent me here? I am sent here by God and God has told me, Don’t enter in any denomination, Stay outside all of them!

They said, “But now how are you going to survive? Your family, you don’t even work, you don’t have food, how are you going to survive?

I told them, “That is not my concern. The one who sent me it is upon Him. If He sent us here to die by starvation, we are going to heaven, but going to any church I cannot.”

They told me, “…get out of the office. Get out of the office.

I said that’s okay. So, it is the Word of God which you can enter and hide yourself [in] because in the Word of God there is protection. Any person who is in the Word of God is highly protected and fenced.

21 We are told this man called Job, when Satan was trying to ask [for] permission from God about Job’s life, God told him, “Now, you don’t know that Job is a very righteous man? Don’t you know that he is a holy man?” Satan told God, “Does Job fear God for nothing? Haven’t you put a fence around his house, around his property, around his children? And you have made all his cows, sheep, camels, and donkeys to multiply!” Satan was able to see the fence which was around Job.

22 Now, that is the only way of escape. You have to hide yourself in the revelation of the Word of God for your day! Because in the day you are in, God has moved out from every church, every denomination, and He is now in the Word of the Hour! And it is there where God is, and anybody who is in that Word of God for the Hour the fence of God is there. When Jesus met Paul on Damascus road, he knocked Paul down. And when Saul was still lying on his back, maybe on his back or in front (because he was knocked down), so when he came back from his suffocation. He said, “Who are you Lord?” Jesus said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. It is impossible for you to kick against the fence.” You cannot kick the fence. You see, the fence is in the Word of God. As long as you are in the Word of God for a day, you are fenced up! You are fenced! Diseases are out! Sin is out! Religion is out! Fear is out! Calamity is out! Sin is out! All demons are out. So you are there rejoicing, jumping, worshipping and serving the Lord, inside there. Because the fence of God is your protection against everything, even against death! Death has no power over you.

23 That’s why they throw Daniel in the den of lions.  They thought that lions could do just consume Daniel like bread. But when the lions reached there, when Daniel landed in the midst of the lions they could not tear his body, they could not eat his body, because he was highly protected by the power of God. Daniel was not fearing. He told the king, “The God I serve continuously He will send his angels to keep me and to shut the lion’s mouth, they will never hurt me.” Daniel was not worried. He was telling the king, “King, live forever, as for me you throw me there in the den, the God I serve He is more than powerful to send his angel to keep me.” The only way of escape! It is in the Word of God, in the revelation of the Word of God!

24 Paul calls it “the counsel of God”, that protection there, he calls it, “the counsel of God”;  “I am here to deliver to you the counsel of God.” For your protection, for your safety. He was telling the church, “You listen to this counsel of God so that you are okay as you are living on the earth here. You see, today you find believers they are so panicking because of the world and the …which are in the world. They listen to radios and the radio says, “Oh, Ebola has come! Oh it is now here, it is coming from South Africa, is now coming from Congo, is coming from…” And the believers themselves are just panicking, “Brothers have you heard that Ebola is coming? I don’t know where we can be?” You are blind against your protection!  You who is in Christ, you have already escaped! You have escaped all the pollution, and the lust and the death of the world!

25 Let’s just see 2 Peter 1:3-4.It says,

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

26 Now Peter was declaring the only way of escape for the believer. Peter was telling them that the power of God has already given us a way out, [of] how we can escape. He said that God has given us His great promises. Because, there is power in the promises of God for the day. And your duty, my duty is to hide ourselves in the promises of God for the day. That’s why every believer must be dedicated prayerfully to ask God to give you a revelation of the day, of the message of your day, now!

27 You know the Bible says, We are students, we are disciples, we are learners, We are in the school! What are we learning? We are learning how to escape! We are learning the promises of God in which we can escape the corruption and death and sin of Satan. But the problem is that many believers are not dedicated to learn! People are so slow to go into the School of Life. Even Paul says, “We should never neglect our assembling together like others.” Which means even in the days of Paul there are those who neglected this escape.

28 The spirit of the Devil is not asleep. In every age he has got tactics how he can blindfold and weaken the church. He gives people a lazy mind, a lazy concern. That’s why Paul was telling the church of Corinth, “Every time I come here I give you milk-gospel because you are babies, you cannot understand.” He told them, “Up to now you are unable to understand!” Why? Because the Devil, the god of this world, had cheated the church of Corinth. Because he made them babies every time. But let’s know that we are in the School of Life to learn how we can escape. Because the Word of God here has everything for us.

29 In the book of Colossians Paul says, “We are in Christ and we are hidden there”. We are hidden there. So you have to abide in your place of hide. It is there were your Sabbath is. Never to come out! Because outside the fence of God there are demons, there are sicknesses, there are troubles, and death is there. Anytime you step outside he will hold your leg and pull you there. Why do we see people today backsliding in the church? Boys and girls, even big men, even pastors, even ministers, why? why? They have not entered into where they can escape.

30 You know the revelation of God’s Word is like a house where you can enter and you are safe. When you enter into the revelation of the Word of God the Devil is powerless to pull you out from there.  He cannot enter there! That’s why Peter says, “He is roaring like a roaring lion, he’s running around, around, he wants whom he can devour”. Because he cannot enter. He cannot enter because you are hidden in God by a revelation.  That’s why Abel could not be defiled, he could not be polluted because he was inside the revelation of God. And that’s why Satan was unable to catch him. The only way of escape!

31 Because when you enter in the revelation of God  you can stay peaceful and restful. You know Jesus said, “Come to me and I will give you rest”. There is rest in that revelation! Once you have the revelation you can rest, all demons can roar like lions but they cannot tamper with you. Yes, people can backslide, they can go for denominations because of money, but that spirit will not tamper with you because you yourself you are hiding yourself in the revelation of God’s Word where Satan has no power to pull you out. He cannot touch you. The only way of escape.

32 Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego knew the way of escape. Satan had brought a picture to be worshipped, an image, the very image of Daniel. He told them, “You worship this man, he’s my God, because he gives me interpretation of dreams”. But those boys were in the revelation of God and because of that they had escaped that. Now, today sin is covering the whole face of the earth. There is falsehood, hypocrisy is covering everywhere. But it’s only those who have the revelation of the Word of God, they are the only one who can escape that. That’s why today we see the whole world has HIV. People are dying every day. But David said, “Even if death can come on all sides [it] cannot touch me”. The only way of escape.

33 Now, we have talked about the Word. Let’s see Acts 1:8,

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Now, the way of escape is to be in the Word of God and in the Spirit of God. Yeah, Jesus said, “When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will have power”. We have talked about the Word, let’s talk little again about the Holy Spirit. This Spirit here, Jesus said it’s the Spirit of Power. When you are inside this Spirit you are protected by the power of God. That Spirit there, it is a spirit of power. There are no other powers which can overcome this other power here. That’s why John the revelator, the Bible says he was beaten [but] could not die.He could not die. Until they decided to cook him with grease,[for] twenty-four hours.  Now when John could not die, they got him out of the drum and took him to Patmos. They said, “This man is a wizard, Let [us] put [him] there, to die there!” Because they could not kill the Holy Spirit, which is power, which was in John. God had purposed life so that He could give him  to write the whole of the book of Revelation.

34 Because Paul had talked that there are things which the eye has not seen, no ear has heard, it has not entered in man’s heart. They are there given by God and kept by God, it will be revealed by the Holy Ghost, so, John was to go to Patmos. So when he went there Jesus now came and said, “Now you write my book, write the revelation”. And he was there for two years writing the book of Revelation. He [wrote] that book with pictures and all this type you are seeing here. But it was a letter of God to the Bride! So, John was full of the Holy Spirit. And because he was full of the Holy Spirit he escaped all, even death! He could not be polluted.

35 So when you have the Holy Spirit you have escaped! Because the Holy Spirit is your protection. He is there to protect you against sin, against pollution, against death. And those who are in the Holy Spirit they cannot fear anything. So, that is where we have to enter in. That’s the way of escape. And by entering there you have actually defeated Satan. See, in Revelation [Chapter] Six here, I want us to read one scripture there. Revelation 6:6. Let’s begin with verse 5 but its verse 6 that I want:

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

36 Now, I want us to see, the voice says, Don’t hurt the oil, don’t hurt the wine! The way of escape. You know, the oil represents the Holy Spirit. And wine represents the stimulation, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Now, it is there where we have to be in where to escape. Be in that oil, the Holy Spirit. Be in that wine, the anointing of revelation. So, when you are there, when I am there, there is no arrow which can enter there. No blade which can enter there. Because the Lord who is oil and wine will be our fence. And all who are in the oil, in the wine, are kept by angels of God. God has given charge to angels to keep them. We are told by King David [in] Psalm 34:7 that the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear God and He will deliver them!

37 So as long as you are in the oil and the wine the angels of God are there to keep you. Just like He kept Daniel. Just like He kept Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. They were in the wine, in the oil. It is only the oil and the wine which cannot be touched by Satan. So when you are inside there you are untouched. If you are outside there, Satan can kick you like a ball, from East, West, and South. Because you have no escape. You have no protection.

38 Another way of escape is to have the name of Jesus Christ with you. Jesus has given us His name. You know the name “Jesus” is the name “Joshua”, it’s actually the name of God, the name of redemption, the name of protection, the name of power! That’s why Jesus says, “I come in my Father’s name!” That was the name of God. That’s why God has given us His name, and that name is Jesus! When we have that name gates of hell will never … us. That’s why Jesus said, “Go and cast out devils in my Name!

39 Yeah, [there is] no demon who does not understand the name of Jesus. In the days of Paul there was a certain priest called Sceva. And he has seven boys. But those boys were not saved. The priest was not saved also. So, they went to a mad man. A mad man who was naked  and the seven boys surrounded the man. They said, “Satan, we cast you in the name of Jesus whom Paul is preaching!” Those demons listened. “Satan, we cast you in the Name of Jesus whom Paul is preaching!” Then the Devil said, “I know Jesus. I know Paul. But who are you?” Before they could answer he had removed their clothes away. That devil removed all their clothes away, and shoes, and he had beaten them, the blood was falling, until everyone had to get to the door to run out. Because it was inside a house. The Bible says they went out naked and bleeding. Yeah, demons know Jesus. That’s the name which God has given us on earth here for our redemption, for our healing, for our protection, for our defeat of demons. It’s the name you have to breathe in the battle! You know David said, “I come to you Goliath in the Name of the Lord!” That is the name of the Lord. The name of the Lord of hosts. And that’s why Jesus Christ was the warrior. He came to conquer all demons, He conquered death, He conquered the grave, He conquered hell. He came with the keys! So He gave us His name. Now, because we are the Bride of Jesus, we have been actually married to Christ and we have now His name.

40 Another thing which is our escape, let’s read one scripture as we close, the book of Revelation. Let’s see something in the book of Revelation. Revelation 12:11. That will be my last scripture now. Revelation 12:11,

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Now, here, another thing I want us to put there is the blood of the Lamb. The blood of the Lamb is another thing, you have to have it for escape. Because that was the blood which was poured for our redemption. Now, if the blood of bulls and goats could cover the sins of the Israelites what about the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood of the Lamb now? It’s the blood which can remit our sin. The blood of animals used to cover but the blood of the Lamb remiteth! It completely expels until you don’t look as a sinner; you look holy.

41 So, when you come and take the name of Jesus Christ as your name of redemption the blood of Jesus takes away your sin until before God you are holy, you can fellowship with God. Then the blood of Jesus Christ is there to be your own covering. Paul says, “We have boldness to enter the Holy of Holies by the blood of Jesus, without fear!” That’s why every time when you kneel, when you pray, even in the car, even around the garden, even in your office, when you pray, the blood of Jesus is there to cover you! To make you acceptable before God in your prayers! Yeah, even when you are attacked by spirits, just say, “Oh, the blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus!” You are going to see those demons taking off.

42 Just the blood of Jesus only, every devil will get his way to run, because that is the blood of God. Because in the womb of Mary God made a body for Himself and put His own blood there, in that body! That’s why Jesus, He could die and resurrect because He was innocent from sin. He had no sin, in fact no Original Sin in him. He was the only holy who was declared to be the Son of God, by the Spirit of holiness. He was the only accepted by the Father to do the work of redemption for God’s children who were taken [into] captivity by the devil. The only way of escape. Be there!

43 Though there are many other things we could touch but I just want us to remain there, to know how we can escape. If you are in this salvation, if you are in this Message of the Hour, which is nothing but Jesus Christ, don’t look back, don’t look sideways, move ahead! And possess your ground. There is no spirit which does not know that Jesus Christ is the conqueror. Yeah, every spirit knows because He conquered those spirits there at Calvary. And He has given us His name, his blood. That’s why we have to know even the value of the cross of Jesus. We have to know the purpose of the cross of Christ.

44 So, brothers and sisters, because of time, may God bless you. Let us pray. Gracious eternal heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we want to thank you Lord for this evening. We want to thank you Father that you have spoken unto us O Father in a simple way, and that is your manner of your talking. What you have given us Lord, may you keep it by the Holy Ghost. May it fall into a good ground that it may germinate and bear fruits, for your glory and for our edification. Bless your children, bless the pastor, bless all the ministers, bless us all mighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen. God bless you.

|| This transcribed message will soon be available in a book which will contain the testimony of the calling and ministry of the Late John Mark Louse. The testimony is available online here.

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