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“I felt the Prayer Line was wasting my Time…” he said.

I am in Chatama, a village in the Eastern Province of Zambia where we had a crusade in October 2022. It is a joy to meet our new brothers and sisters in Christ.The testimonies are many and different.

One old man testified about how his life changed after surrendering it to the Lord. “The Message that day revealed my destroyed and wasted life. I just wanted to get in the water for baptism! I looked at the multitudes of people being prayed for, for sickness and other things, and I felt like time was being wasted and running out for me, I needed to be baptised!”

Well, this brother got baptised and after coming out of water he said the smell of cigarette and beer became an ugly stench which irritates him. People in the village are telling him of his changed looks.He looks good, healthy and sober. He tells them, “Its the riches of the Word that I have received that makes me look good”. Jesus still saves and heals!