Africa Visit by Pastor Hubert D’souza

I sincerely thank my wife for all the support and help she gave me in getting my trip and preparations ready.

My heartfelt thanks to pastors Andrew Phiri (Zambia) and  James Veremu (Zimbabwe) for inviting me and for all the support, care and love showered on me as per my stay in their countries. They treated me like an angel, looking after all my needs and comfort. My sincere thanks to pastors John Kasonde and Chrispine Mawino and their respective church members for their love and kindness. My heartfelt thanks also goes to pastor  Cephas Kalamatila of Kaphiri Mposhi town, and brother Jesse Nzima of Lusaka for the good work of interpreting my messages in the local languages. Not forgetting my appreciation to all my precious brothers and elders of Believers’ Assembly church in Lusaka.

It was Tuesday, on 29th March 2016, when I started off to Africa. I used  Ethiopian Airlines and it was a  long journey of nearly 10 hours! I arrived well at Harare International Airport where I was received by pastor  James Veremu. I was glad in meeting him.Zim7 He took me to his home in the beautiful country-side where he has a farm and he rears cattle. It was a delight to meet his family – wife, sons and daughters and grandchildren. The place is called Chitungwiza. Later I was made comfortable to stay at his son-in-law’s home, where the family was extremely hospitable to me. Brother Simba,  the pastor’s son-in-law took me around to the city malls, the Voice of God office, and finally to Hunda Valley his home town,  a sheer piece of explicit nature. In the evenings we spent time in fellowship at the church.Zim5 A beautiful house of prayer with lovely members. I also had a privilege to visit and attend a farmers’ conference and I learnt a lot of skill in farming, poultry, animal husbandry and fishery. On Sunday morning we went to a place called Epworth, the name given after the birth place of the great messenger John Wesley in England.This place  is a small village where about  five churches came together for fellowship. It was a big gathering and I preached and ministered unto the saints. Zim2The climate was quite chill and dropped to about 12oC. All my stay was exciting and I had a busy schedule of visiting people, places, museums, malls, etcetera. A wonderful time that I would not forget for long. The messages I preached in Zimbabwe: (Between 30th March to 7th April 2016) include The Bride’s Revival, The Soul Identity (The Birth Experience), The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (The God of Perfection), The Five Crowns, The 52 days challenge,  The four proposals of pharaoh, Question & Answer Session (Millennium, Resurrection, Rapture),  The four Beasts and the four worms of Joel,  and I am Thine exceeding  Great Reward. The saints appreciated the word and were thankful for the beautiful incite.

Friday 8th May 2016 : Journey to Zambia

It was about 8 AM that I was ready to start my journey off  to Zambia. We traveled with brothers Veremu and Jonas. We used brother Veremu’s vehicle. It was quite a long journey to Zambia. We had a delay at the border but  we finally arrived at pastor Andrew Phiri’s mother’s home in Lusaka at 10:30 PM. We were gladly received by bro Phiri’s family and saints. Zamb1The next day we had two sessions of meetings at Believers’ Assembly fellowship which gathers at Mahatma Gandhi School. The praise and worship was a delight and the congregation was eager to listen to the Word of God. The Message was well appreciated and a timely blessing. The afternoon session was from 4 to  6 PM. The message brought more closeness around the Word. Sunday morning a white board was organized and I got comfortable to teach and illustrate the subject. The next session a projector was organized. The  white-board plus a  projector made me more enthusiastic to minister the Word.  The next day we visited the museum with brother Jesse Nzima and saw lots of African art and sculptor. Zamb2During the week days we had only evening sessions around 5:30 PM. On Monday, after the weekend meetings, pastor Veremu and brother Jonas returned to Zimbabwe.

During my second week in Lusaka, Pastor John Kasonde along with his son and pastor Kalamatila joined us for meetings  in Lusaka. This weekend’s meetings were a great time of blessing. The Sunday evening session was for married couples only. After a discourse by pastor Kasonde and myself there was a Question and Answers session which was handled very sensitively by both the ministers. The meeting was concluded by Pastor Phiri and all the couples were blessed by this amazing and eye-opening session.Zamb3 The meetings in Lusaka were a great time of fellowship and spiritual upliftment. I truly appreciate the talent of brethren at Pastor Andrew Phiri’s fellowship in Lusaka.

The Messages I spoke at Lusaka Church between 8th to 17th April 2016 included: I lay in Zion a stone, The last day of the Feast, The widow with two sons, 52 days of Nehemiah, The five Fold Ministry, I am the true Vine , The five crowns of Victory, The seven Locks of Samson,  and Are you a star or a comet. On the Sunday of 17th April two children were dedicated; one was Terry Joseph Phiri, brother Andrew Phiri’s second son. The services came to an end and thus it was a spiritual feast and a blessing unto the saints of the Lord.

Monday 18th April 2016: Journey to Ndola in Zambia

After finishing my services in Lusaka I had to travel to Ndola, another prime city in Zambia. This was a visit to pastor John Kasonde’s Church. This was a six-hour long journey by a bus. We were four of us – pastor John Kasonde, his son junior, pastor Cephas Kalamatila, and myself. We were gladly received by the elders of the church. I was made to stay in a beautiful room in pastor Kasonde’s home. I was treated well and made comfortable in my accommodation.Zamb5 I also had treats in some popular food joints in Ndola. We also visited some Christian book stores. Later we visited a hospital where two of the church members were hospitalized for illness. I prayed for them and consoled them in the Lord. The evening service was good where the whole church was packed, brother John Mwansa, a deacon at Believers’ Assembly in Lusaka also joined the service and the saints were well impressed in the Word as they received  it gladly. The next day we visited Nsobe Game Park, Zamb6a beautiful place full of nature and wild terrain. It was a sheer place of thrill. We reached back in time for the service at a different village where a church building was like a log cabin, a full wooden structure.  This place had a problem of electricity and I had to preach in total darkness. It was a unique experience. In Ndola we had a good spiritual revival where about 20 persons were baptized that Sunday afternoon. The overall conclusion of my ministry was a delight and the saints were glad and filled with joy, Zamb7though my throat was getting a bit painful in preaching the Word. The saints thanked God for the wonderful and anointed messages. The Messages that I spoke at Ndola Church  (Between 18th & 25th April 2016) included: The Seven Mysteries of Matt. 13 with Seven Churches, I do not accuse you but Moses (John. 5:35), Unto us is given – The Ministry of Reconciliation ( 1 Cor. 5.), The Flying Scroll (The prophecy of Zech. 4:1),  The Life of Jesus ( The Man & God,  John. 1:1, John. 1:14), The Squeeze (Hab. 4. The Soaking, the Scrubbing, the Rinsing, the Squeezing), The widow who had lost her husband (2 Kings.4).

The experience in Ndola was excellent and I appreciate the family of pastor John Kasonde and his entire church. They are doing a good work for the Lord. My prayer is for the youth who are seeking for employment that God may provide them according to His good will.

Monday 26th April 2016:  Journey to Choma in Zambia

It was a cold winter morning, I got ready to depart to Choma from Lusaka. Brother Duncan, a brother in Believers’ Assembly in Lusaka escorted me to Choma. We were received by pastor Chrispin Mawino and I was taken to a Lodge called Choma House. I was made comfortable and treated with good hospitality.  The evening service was a good gathering with lovely singing and worship. As there was sudden power-cut I had to continue preaching  in darkness with a few candles.  Yet the messages were a comfort and a blessing to all. The next day we visited and prayed for some families. For the next services a power generator was organised and so we didn’t have electricity problems anymore.

Pastor Mawino’s church is beautiful and huge with lots of space. He also has plans of expansion and discussed with me for design on improvement. The next day we went to the famous tourist city called Livingstone, named after the renowned 19th century Scottish missionary Dr. David Livingstone. We traveled about 180 to 200 kilometers to reach to Livingstone. The place was extremely beautiful and the waterfall is amazing with a powerful spray of water which almost forms a cloud. Zim6A continuous rainbow is an added attraction. The bridge across the river is a marvelous work of engineering. I captured a couple of photographs; this place is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world. We also noticed huge monkeys (Baboons)  in the gardens. The site for bunky jumping is also an amusement for many. One side of the waterfall is Zimbabwe and the other is Zambia. We later visited the Museum of Dr David Livingstone and went through his history. He had come in the year 1815 and founded the waterfall and made it a tourist place. Zamb8After returning from Livingstone we visited more places in Choma like Museums and malls. We spent evenings in fellowship at the church. Sunday we had two fellowships at two different places. The second place was a church at an interior place in a village with wonderful believers. It was a good time of Bible study. Zamb9After a good and great time in Choma, I accomplished my mission and got back to Lusaka being escorted by pastor Mawino’s son. I truly enjoyed my stay and mission in Choma with God’s lovely people. The messages preached in Choma (between 26th April to 4th May 2016) included Let not your hearts be troubled (Joh. 14:1-3), The last day of the feast (Joh. 7),  I lay in Zion a Stone ( Isa. 28), As for me and my house, As the Eagle renews her strength ( Isa. 40.),  The coming of Christ ( 1 Thes. 4:16),  52 Days of Nehemiah.

The mission ended with a great feeling of success in Choma.

Thursday 5th May 2016:  Journey back to  Lusaka 

This was my last destination before I would return to Mumbai India. I was received by Pastor Andrew Phiri. On the evening of the following day after my arrival  we had a meeting with elders of the church to discuss on various things affecting the churches. It was a good spiritual review.

The next day we went to an animal park called Munda Wanga where we saw a couple of animals, a good place yet poorly maintained. Zamb10The following day we had an evening church service and most of the believers gathered. We were blessed by the lovely testimonies and the ministry of the Word was a blessing to all who assembled. The next day was a Sunday and it was my last service before I would return to India. We were now once again assembled at Believers’ Assembly fellowship and after a good worship the saints were awaiting the final message. The projector came in late and without a proper cable which left us unable to use it. I continued on with the message The Seven Great Crises of the World and the alternative to be safe from these crises. I concluded with thanks and appreciation to all my brothers and sisters who got so much spiritually close to me. I was extremely delighted by their kind hospitality and love shown to me. Tuesday morning was the day of my flight back home. The brothers gathered at the airport to see me off. We bid farewell to each other, and I felt like my heart was glad and sad at the same moment. I praised God for all his strength he gave me to accomplish his mission.

Thus a great mission got accomplished, a visit that will be long cherished. Africa is indeed a beautiful continent with good and godly people. My prayer unto God is that the faith and these churches may grow from strength to strength. God Bless Africa.

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  1. Choma Zambia was blessed by the coming of pastor Hubert. we thank God who made a way for him to come we learned many things through his ministry,

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