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Life of the Tree

Written and sung  by Bro. David Curtman

(Dec. 19, 2019)

V1)   The leaves have all fallen, so new life can be.

        It’s just for a season, It’s beauty to see.

        Then down in the cold ground, to bloom mightily,

        New life has been given, The Life of The Tree.


V2)  In the midst of The Garden, was a Beautiful Tree.

       Full bloom with His Wisdom, and Life’s Mystery.

       The Fruit ripened sweetly, was offered for free.

       But It was rejected, for some other tree.

B1)  The Cross was hewn from It, on Dark Calvary.

        He offered His Life’s Blood, to save you and me.

        He opened The Doorway, His love was The Key.

        New hope of salvation, on The Life of The Tree.

V3)  He stayed in the tomb there, three days it would be.

       But He rose up in Glory, and Divine Majesty.

       The Word is still living, His Grace is still free.

       He’s gathering His children, through The Life of The Tree.

B2)  The day is approaching, how long can it be?

        To reign with The Savior, that new land to see!

        The sky’s not the limit, not even the sea.

        His Infinite Power, in The Life of The Tree.

Tag) The Love of our lifetime, His Face just to see.

        The Shekinah Glory, The Life of The Tree.

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Prayer Clinic

Prayer Clinic Sessions

Note: When you join the Prayer Clinic Whatsapp group, kindly go through the following sessions we have had in the past in order to understand the current activities of the group.

Introduction: The ‘old man’ must die!

Lesson 1: Take responsibility

Lesson 2: Understanding the Law of Attraction

Lesson 3: Influence of Fellowship

Lesson 4: Being aware of the Spiritual War

Lesson 5: Redeeming your Time

Lesson 6: The Holy Spirit living in You is your Victory

Lesson 7: DISCHARGE WEEK: Eating healthy

Lesson 8: DISCHARGE WEEK: Spiritual exercise

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Past the boundary of Time

Announcing new book

“…as we went past the boundary of Space and Time, the cool dew on the surface of our aircraft evaporated, with it our  adjectives, nouns,  verbs, and the entire language we would use to describe the Timeless dimension! We are only left with a faint memory of words that we now want to try to describe the indescribable” – I am hoping to be done with this new book (Mystery of His Will) this month or in January. I am scheduled to be in India soon and I hope this subject will uplift us and inspire us into a deeper walk with God.