“It’s mine!”

As I was putting things in place this morning, preparing to leave home for work, I noticed a pencil on the floor. Unknown to me  was that Terry (my younger son) also had his eyes set on it. As I tried to reach for it, he ran quickly and grabbed it, felt excited and exclaimed, “It’s mine! Its me who saw it first!“…Quite a child’s way of analyisng things – I discovered it and so I own it! But, is that not how human society behaves. One discovers a certain pattern or phenomenon and next is awarded an achievement as doctor or professor. Notice that discovery is not creation. To discover is to merely find what was previously hidden from sight. When one discovers something we should surely be thankful because that could help society in one way or the other. But to worship the discoverer as though he created the thing discovered would simply be absurd! To think, “There is  no one who caused this thing because I can explain how it got here” is simply foolishness. Is this not how some scientists have behaved? They discover how certain phenomena of the universe occurs and then declare “Once man thought this was an act of God but now we understand how it came to be and so God doesnt exist.” Such an assertion assumes that mechanism (how something happens) rules out agency (the creator of mechanism). Now, just as the undersranding of how different pieces of wood fit together to make a table doesnt rule out the existence of a carpenter,  so does comprehending how the mechanism of the universe works not rule out the existence of God!

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  1. Thank you brother for your thoughts..the exaltation of Self..some lumps of clay can not see passed their noses… .It would be SIMPLE.. yeah if we only see God in every (big or little) detail.. in everything.

    King James Bible
    Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

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