Remembering brother John Mark: A ‘faith-full’ life and the healing of my wife

Brother John Mark’s everyday lifestyle was characterised by faith. Faith was not a religious sentiment but his everyday reality. One day I took a long walk with him, going to trading places and moving around the various avenues of the place where I stay. On our way back, walking to home, we reached a point where two roads merged forming a “V” shape, and I jokingly asked brother John Mark: “If you were dropped here at night and you were all alone, show me if you can remember where our house is!” Surprisingly brother John Mark did not answer me jokingly. He said: “I can’t be lost. If that were to happen, the Lord will send me an angel to lead me to your house.”

During this time when brother John Mark visited us, my wife, Norah, was expecting Terry. It was a troublesome pregnancy. She was getting dehydrated as she always vomited about every hour or so. This problem went on into the third month of the pregnancy. Before brother John Mark came she had been admitted for medical attention. Her condition had worried and stressed me up.

One evening brother John Mark explained saying, Even if others would take such problems to be a normal pregnancy problem, you ought to have the faith to ask the Lord to take it away. He then testified to us of how his wife also use to vomit and would go in problems with earlier pregnancies but when he sought the Lord and prayed for her, it ceased. Brother John Mark then prayed for Sister Norah, asking the Lord to stop the vomiting problem. It was a simple prayer but a miracle happened. As he prayed, sister Norah felt a strange movement in her womb and she never vomited again from that moment!

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