Cancelled Funeral (Remembering Bro. John Mark Louse)

He was far away from his home, attending a convention where he was preaching the Word.

One day whilst waiting for another service he sat down resting on a sofa when someone  came, informing him that something bad had happened at his home but all was well. After speaking the person disappeared. “It was then I realised that the fellow was an angel” brother John Mark narrated.

It was when he returned home when Sister Louse, his wife, explained what happened. Their young daughter had died, and women had started crying over her passing. However, brother John Mark explained, Sister Louse is also a woman of faith and usually prays for people when I am not around. In faith she decided to remain alone in the room where the dead child lay and she prayed earnestly to God. The child came back to life and there was no funeral!

One day as we sat in the living room with my family and talking about prayer, brother John Mark said this important thing: “For me, its not everything that I have to pray and fast over; some things I just refuse and reject them. You can refuse the works of the Devil and  believe that no harm will come on you!

Brother John Mark often complaigned about how many Christians are defeated because of their lack of faith. During his visit we had arranged for him to pray for one sick lady. He prayed for her but nothing happened. Later on she asked to be prayed for again but angrily he answered “I already prayed but its now upto you to believe and receive what God has already given“.  It was after this incident that we sent brother John Mark to Zimbabwe. After about two or three weeks when he returned, he told me the dream he had over the lady before he had travelled to Zimbabwe. “In the dream I saw her looking very weak. She is very weak in faith!

I am working to get more details on names, dates, and places of these testimonies and so we may keep updating and revising the text as more details come through. I hope you find the testimonies refreshing and a blessing.

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  1. Really enjoying this series of posts on the life and ministry of Bro John Mark Louse! It is wonderful that his testimony speaks to us from the grave because you care! Thank you Bro Phiri

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