How to receive Healing? (Remembering Brother John Mark Louse)

At the end of his sermon a long prayer-line formed. There were different cases: some serious and others usual ailments. But for all the people, brother John Mark would put few drops of oil from a small bottle onto his finger,  and then smear it on a person’s head as he spoke very few words of prayer.

Next in line was a very sick girl who had been brought to the meeting by her relatives. Her legs were swollen and she had difficulties breathing. My wife was sitting next to her in the church. She felt sorry for her as she could not sit in one place.She was in pain and kept fidgeting. The problem was with her liver. It was swollen and had enlarged. Before brother John Mark could pray for her someone signaled to me to explain the serious condition of the girl. I wisphered to brother John Mark explaining the problem. “Oh, that one is very simple!” exclaimed brother John Mark as he put oil on her and spoke the same words he had said in prayer on all the other patients.

At the end of the line, I noticed the family of the young girl still waiting. They requested for a private prayer session where he could say a longer prayer (perhaps what they considered a more serious prayer). But brother John Mark answered: “No, we have already prayed they just need to believe.” Well, the following Sunday we received news that the girl had been healed and was playing. Two years after the incidence she was still in good health.

When I think about this testimony I remember the words of brother Branham when he said he had seen prostitutes coming to the prayer line and instantly get healed and yet someone saintly would never get healed. Why is it so? because a believer may spoil themsleves into trying to work somerighteousness inorder to earn themselves healing, and an unbeliever on the other hand, may come merely believing in God’s grace!

Some Christians think healing comes by long prayers or fastings, and others think they have to live righteously inorder for healing to manifest. It is not so. Healing is only a  result of faith, not fasting or living rightously. Fasting is good. Living right should be the life of a believer, but never allow the Devil or your carnal mind to deceive you into thinking that you can buy healing from God by some works of righetousness, prayer or fasting. Here is what brother Branham said concerning this:

Healing is based upon faith, not upon how righteous you are, how good you are, how much you keep the commandments, or whatever it is. It’s based solemnly upon faith. ‘All things are possible to them that believe!‘ It’s not based upon how good you are. I’ve seen prostitutes come to the platform and be instantly healed and a sainted woman cross the platform and miss it. Sure, its based upon faith – ‘if thou canst believe’ – not upon righteousness. (Questions and Answers, August 23, 1964).

May the Lord bless and keep you.

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  1. Another great article and message of faith and healing! Amen, I hope this simple testimony could be seen and acted upon by all the world! Thanks Bro Phiri!

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