“Wondrous Things out of God’s Word” (Transcribed)

NOTE: This message was preached by the late Brother John Mark Louse in 2014, in Southern Province of Zambia. The sermon is hereby transcribed unabridged.

Any place in the text where three dots appear between words is an indication of inaudible words. Words appearing in square brackets were added to make some sentences understandable. In other places the text in square brackets indicates a note by the editor, ED. You can access the audio file of this sermon on our YouTube Channel – FOR YOUR EDIFICATION.

Please note that this is work-in-progress and so paragraphs are numbered for reference purposes of previous work. Every day new paragraphs will be added.

May this message awaken all who love the Lord to the need to walk circumspectly  in this late hour.

A C Phiri

“Wondrous Things out of God’s Word”



John Mark Louse

1 Psalms 119:18. Let’s pray. Most gracious Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we want to thank you Lord for the testimony which has gone forth. We have seen the fruits of that testimony, and here again Father we are calling upon you, excellent one, to come and take over the preaching of the Word. As we read the Word give us blessings Father. Speak to us the bread of Life. We are seated at your table. Make us to eat and drink at your table father. Open our eyes, open our ears, open our hearts Father, for we are here to hear. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen. 

2 Before we sit let us read this verse, Psalm 119:18 [Pastor Mawino urges people to stand]: “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law”. May the Lord bless His Word. You can be seated. 

3 The Lord bless you richly… So this was a  prayer of a man called David. You know David was a spiritual man. He was a man who had fought so many wars. He had seen the power of the living God and he knew how God could deliver him. But he is making a very special prayer here. He says, “Lord open my eyes; Lord I can see  wondrous things out of thy word.”… Wondrous things which are in God’s Word.

4 This Bible here is carrying wondrous things. And all those wondrous things are yours. All those wondrous things are mine. But we need our eyes to be opened to see these wondrous things because they are there for us. What are those wondrous things? We are going to pull them one by one as the Lord will lead us. One of those wondrous things, which are in the Word of God, is the Power of God

The Power of God

5 The Power of God is the grace of God, and this power is yours. It is put there for you. And you need your eyes to be opened so that you can utilize this power. So that you can use this power…so that this power is your property, so that this power is of your inheritance. That is one of the things we want to look at,  because if you can get that power …you are going to live this life very happy.

6 Many Christians are living a miserable life because they have not seen this power of God, they don’t know that this power belongs to them. And because they don’t know they are living a life of trembling. They are living a life of fear. They are living a life of bondage, Why? They don’t see this power, but it is there in the Word of God! And it is yours, you  need just to open your eyes. When God opens your eyes then you can see, then you can possess, then you can use, then you can inherit, because it is yours! Wondrous things out of God’s Word. And we are going to see them.

Lost bicycle found

7 My…is just to enjoy this power. I remember when I use to stay in Teso. The Karamojong use to come and raid Teso. And those days they had guns. And the way they shoot, the gun they shoot its sound is completely different. the sound of the gun is taaa—tooo, taaa—tooo [congregation laughs]. When you hear that if you have strength you flee, run! Because they are just going to catch you. So one time they came and I was in the garden of Cassava, early in the morning, I heard a gun taa—tooo [congregation laughs]. So I knew they were the ones. I ran from the garden. Reaching home the sister was trying to carry the children, big people were running.So I ran from my home with my bicycle with two children. Running in the middle of the bush the sound of guns was coming closer and closer. I threw the bike off. I took off the children. All of us went up to Soroti. Now the army men could come but those people don’t know the… As long as they have a gun…is nothing. 

8 In the evening as we came back after they had gone, I looked where I had put the bicycle I found the bicycle was not there. I said, “Thank you Jesus. This is the bicycle which a brother gave me for the work of God, now God has given it to somebody. I don’t know who is that person, God thank you, but all the same you are a restorer”. So I continued home.

9 As I sat at my place [home], late in the evening, I saw a man coming with a bicycle. The behind [rear] wheel was locked. So he was only using the [front] wheel. He had lifted it from behind, rolling it. I saw him coming. The road was just in front of the house. So when he reached there I greeted him. I saw that the bicycle was mine. I said, 

“Hey, how are you my friend?”

“I am fine. You know this bicycle, I misplaced the key because the Karamojong were chasing us. Now I don’t know where I put the key”.

I said, “Oh sorry sorry.”

Of course I had the key. So I went there, I said,  “Just wait, Just wait”.

I got the key, I opened the bicycle…[inaudible…people in audience clap – ED]…that’s the power I am talking about. The power is in the Word of God. 

10 David said, “Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things”. One of those things is the power! It is hiding there in the word of God.It is yours. Any time your eyes are opened you are not going to fear because that power is your only protection, it is your own confidence. And the power of God has everything.

11 What made Meshack, Shadrach and Abednego stand in the fire? It was the power of God which was in the Word of God…Wondrous things in the Word of God and one of them is the power.

Rain commanded to give way

12 You know this power, it is so simple. One time as I was walking on the road to go and preach I saw great rain [coming] in front of me. I told God, “Oh, thank you God! You are the creator of everything, including this rain here. Now this rain here, I don’t want [it] to wet my Bible. I want this rain to go this side, and as I reach where it is, I want it left on my back…no rain, Lord push the rain!”

13 He [God] brought a wind from the north side, I mean from south. It pushed the rain, very strong wind! The water only came from where I am, the rain has already passed. I was dry.

Arrested by Police

14 I continued walking to the place I was going to preach. When I reached there, after preaching, I went to another person. Those were the days of Idi Amin. While I was still in Teso, I was not even married, then I was arrested by the police. Because Amin had not allowed preaching in his days. I was arrested by the police. They put the chain on my hands. They took me to the police cell. So, when I entered there I found a group of  thieves, criminals.  So they removed the chains and said, “You sit there, among your friends”. I sat there, then I stood up. I began preaching…

15 As I was preaching those people believed. They knelt down and I was praying for them. Then the policeman came in. “You man, what are you doing there?”

I said, “Sir, I am preaching”.

“Who are you?” He asked.

I said, “I am a Karamojong. I used to be a thief, I used to be a killer, Jesus has saved me, and now I am preaching.

The man looked at me. I told him, “If it is forbidden to preach…If you don’t want me to preach give me a license, I am going to steal, I am going to kill, I begin with police” [congregation laughs and claps].

They asked, “Where are you from?”

I said, “I am … from Karamoja region”

They said, “go..go..go… get out of this place!”

The power is for everyone including sisters

16 The power is in the Word of God. I have seen even … sisters in Karamoja. One sister was bitten by a snake in the garden. The place was around the lake. She looked…said, “There is nothing here, no poison at all, I am a child of God”… A poisonous snake, a snake which can kill you! The sister said, “there is nothing here”. Jesus took the poison! So she continued doing her work.

17 One sister, she had gone to the well to get water. One neighbor poisoned her child, put the poison in the food. When she came, the sister found the child died…she took the child inside the house and prayed for the child. The child was healed! In the evening, by 7 in the night. The other woman came crawling, she was so sick dying. She came crawling pleading, “I am dying, it was me who poisoned the child. Please forgive me, forgive me”… The sister said, “May God forgive you, go back home” she stood up and she went.

18 Wondrous things out of God’s Word! But do you know that these things are yours? Do you know that these powers are yours?

Your eyes need medicine

19 It takes the revelation for you to know, for you to perceive… Your eyes must be opened. Remember God was asking the church of Laodicea, He said, “I come for you, that you come and buy  the medicine of your eyes so that you can see”.  You need to get the medicine so that your eyes are open, that you may know that power in the Word of God. It is there in the Scriptures and it is yours. It is idle there, and it is you to use it.

20 Who made the lions not to eat Daniel? It was the power of God which is in the Word. What made Paul and Silas to come out of prison? It was the power of God. What made Peter to come out of prison? It was the power of God. There are wondrous things in the Word, and those are things  we need to enjoy.

True Marriage

21 Now, here, lets see another thing. There in the Word of God there is a true marriage. It is there. Those are wondrous things in the Word. One of them is marriage. You need to know, you younger brother, you younger sister, you need to know your husband is in the Word. Your wife she is in the Word. You need just your eyes to be opened so that you can see her, so that you can see him. He is there. Wondrous things out of the Word.

22 That is why Abraham told Eleazar, “I want you to go to my relatives, go and bring a wife for my son, I don’t want women of this land…” That is in Genesis 24. Now, Eleazar was a very spiritual man. He knew the wife was in the Word. When he moved away he prayed. He said, “Lord, have respect to the prayer of my father Abraham. My master is sending me, I am also praying, as I go I will come to a place where comes men to drink water. Now, I am going to pray like this: that the girl, the first girl I meet I will tell her, ‘Give me water to drink’. And if she can say, ‘I will give you and your animals to drink‘. Let that one be the wife of Isaac. Wondrous things out of God’s Word. Rebecca was there in the Word of God. So Eleazar used the Word for Rebecca to appear.

23 So, as he went, the first lady he saw was Rebecca. He went near her, greeted her and said, “Please give me water to drink”. Then the girl said, “I will give you the water, I will also give water to the animals”. The man had to fell down and worship God, because Rebecca has come out of the Word of God. He saw her. But you see, the problem of many Christians when time for marriage comes, they begin moving from church to church trying to look for  a wife. And some move with decision, telling God, “God I want a slender and tall one, educated She must have finished primary, maybe Senior 4…” Some say, “I want a short one and with a body, but at least she should have finished a degree from a university, in the name of Jesus I pray”. You are just playing a church game. No, you cannot get a wife or a husband in that manner.

24 God has got husbands and wives in the Word here, and the only way to get them is to have faith in God, believing that He is responsible for my marriage. Because He was responsible for Adam. He was the one who told that it is not good for a man to remain alone, I will give you a helper

25 God made Adam to sleep, then out of his rib God made a woman. So today why we have problems in families, because the wives we have they are not our ribs. We have ended up marrying somebody’s wife…[congregation laughs]…and so that woman can’t fit there, because she is not yours..And then you begin running…Because you got someone who was not yours…and now you have hell of her.

26 You know, family of a believer it is supposed to be a family of happiness and joy. Even though those people know so many things, but the secret we have…And when believers get their wives according to God, the pastor will have less problems in the church. Because all of them are wives and husbands given by God. And in the word of God they are called sons, they are called daughters, of God.

27 So God gives His son His daughter, God gives His daughter His son…and the family becomes heaven and every time there is joy.That’s why, some of us who are preachers, when we come back – for me  maybe I am going to be three months outside, I left Uganda in July, and August is … and I am suppose to go around Tanzania, around Kenya, before I reach home. Maybe I will reach there end of October or the beginning of November. See, you reach there when you are tired. But immediately you reach home, a daughter of God sees a son of God who is her husband, she comes with open heart. But you see, how many sisters who cannot even embrace their husbands?…Why don’t you embrace him?…

28 Wondrous things out of God’s Word. Those women, those men, are wondrous. They are from God’s Word. Because God will not give you something which is not … He gave Adam a suitable one! A suitable one. Let me tell you, I got married in 1977, and from that year up to today my wife has never lost her beauty. She is still so beautiful as the first time…[congregation applauds]. She is still very very beautiful because she came out of God’s Word. And everything which is a product of God’s Word is beautiful. The husband who comes from God’s Word is beautiful. And the love can never grow old.

29 Most of you came from God. You are the children of the Word and every day the Word of God lives in you…Yeah, wondrous things out of the Word. They are there. And we need to realize that the Word of God is hiding so many things for us…

30 You see the children of Israel came out of Egypt by God’s power, with the power of God…Now, that power is still existing up to today. That is why you see the Karamojong who used to kill…people, immediately the Word was given the power of God went inside them and they were transformed, they were changed and they became suitable vessels of God. Those are the things we desire.

31 Another thing which came out of God’s Word is the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost

32 The Holy Ghost is there in the Word. Because, those who receive the Holy Ghost are people who believe the Word! …The Holy Ghost comes from the Word.

33 That’s why Paul was telling them, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?” They said, “We don’t know…”. “How were you baptized, you do not have the Holy Ghost?” Because the Holy Ghost He is with the Word. Provided you have believed the Word, as long as you have believed the Word, the Holy Ghost has to come. Yeah, because the Holy Ghost comes upon the believers of the Word. Those are wondrous things. The Holy Ghost is a wondrous thing! And it is for you and me to get it, because Jesus said it will make you my witness, from Jerusalem, all of Judea, Samaria, and the end of the world. It is there in the Word. If you don’t have it, tell God, “God I have believed the Word but now fill me with the Holy Ghost”, and God will do it.

34 One time there were brothers who wanted to be baptized, to receive the Holy Ghost, and they had decided, “Let us go to Brother John Mark to pray for us, to receive the Holy Spirit”. Now, John Mark is a traveler, if you want to chase for me you have to have a good shoes for moving, otherwise you are in trouble. So they followed me. They reached somewhere, a certain home.  They were told, “Oh John Mark was here but he has left for such and such a place”. Then they reached somewhere. “Oh, he was here but … he has left for such and such a place.” Now, they just decided that, “He slept here, let’s also sleep here, let’s call on God and let Him give us the Holy Ghost. We are not going to follow him. God is with us, we have the Word, we have believed the Word, why are we looking for John Mark. Let’s call on God to give us the Holy Ghost”. They knelt down, they sung, they prayed…all of them were filled with the Holy Ghost. They went back rejoicing, because they got the Holy Ghost.

35 So, there are wondrous things out of the Word of God. What are those things? Let’s pull out the messages, from end to end. Because when you see the Bible you will the promises and those promises are the ones which you can see the messages of ages. Now, in our age it is written that I will send you Elijah the prophet. Where is that? It’s in the Word! That is one of the wonders! That is one of the mighty things of God – the message of the age!

The Message of the Age 

36 Now, it is only those who are predestinated, whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, they are the ones who can see the Message of the Hour in the Bible. And they will enjoy it and…

37 The message of the hour, it is there in the Word. But it is you now and me who can see it and pull it out and use it and possess it. You know, it is ours! But it is in the Word. But the Pentecostal will say, “…Where is the Message of the Hour? You people are liars! We don’t see it. We have seen Malachi, it doesn’t talk about Branham! Where is your Message? Where is your messenger?” They cannot see it because their eyes are not opened. But you who is an elect, your eyes have been opened, your ears have been opened, your life has been opened, to receive the Message, because it is yours but it’s from the Word.


 38 Healing is one of the wondrous things in the Word of God. It is there. Every disease, the medicine is in the Word. Now, there was a great man called Naaman in the land of Syria. He was a mighty man. He was a mighty army-man but he was a leper. Then there was a girl who was abducted from Israel by the army of Syria. She was in the house of Naaman. So, she looked at the man. He had no fingers in the hands and [no toes] in the legs, but he was a big man. The army men would come and they salute him but the man has no…This little girl was so touched. She said, “I wish this man could go to Israel and meet the prophet of God, he will get healed”. Then the girl talked to the wife of the man. She said, “Mama, if your husband goes to Israel that leprosy, it will disappear…Because there is a prophet in the land of Israel, he has been used of God…” So the message went up to the king.

39 The king said, “Okay, let’s write a letter to the king of Israel” and the letter was sent. When the king read, he was afraid. He tore his clothes. When Elisha heard. He said, “Why do you tear your clothes?”…Then the man was sent. Elisha told him… Elisha sent the messenger to the king… “Go and tell Naaman, you go and deep thyself seven times in Jordan. On the seventh time your body will look like a baby”. Now, this man was very angry. He said, “ahhh, this prophet!…I am a big man…I am an honorable man … I thought he would come and then greet me and then touch-touch my body in the name of his god…He is telling me to go to River Jordan. Why can’t he send me to one of the rivers in Syria and Damascus?…” He was rejecting the healing which came from the Word of God by his own reasonings.



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