Let the Day Star Arise in Your Heart


This sermon was preached in Choma. In Choma we visited three places incuding Mochipapa Village where  we had gone to visit the bereaved family of the later Pastor Gilbert Sikalundu who died a month ago. See the photo report below.

Choma Endtime Message Tabernacle

Choma Endtime Message Tabernacle

Sisters Norah and Loveness conversing with Sister Mawino after service

About 11 people baptised after church service

On the way to the residence of the berieved family

At the burial site of the Late Pastor Gilbert Sikalundu. L to R: Sister Norah Phiri, Sister Loveness Mwansa, Sister to the late pastor, Pastor Chrispin Mawino, Pastor Andrew Phiri

At the residence of the bereaved family

In Chandamali, a branch of Choma Endtime Message Tabernacle


Bro. Phiri is scheduled to minister at meetings to be held in Kapiri Mposhi, Central Province of Zambia, from 28th to 30th May, 2021. We earnestly covet your prayers. Shalom.

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