Incomplete haircut and Testimony of Healing in Rufunsa

We had wonderful services in Rufunsa. We can now fellowship under a roof, free from worries of disturbances of rain. The one thing I love about outreach in rural places is the people’s simplicity and respect towards the Word of God. During one service one man had a terrible unfinished hair cut and when one of the brothers asked about what happened to his head, he explained, “I was at the barbershop but I got late for church and so I stopped the barberman; I’ll go back to finish“. Well, in a city people spend so much time in front of a mirror even when they are already late for a prayer service. Like I have always said, when one is always late for church or when one rarely comes for fellowship it is not because they are busy but because it isnt their priority. Your priorities are shown not by what you promise to do but by what you actually do.

Church service in Rufunsa

At the end of our last service we were refreshed by a testimony from a woman who has been consistent in attending church from the time we had the crusade in Rufunsa. I always wondered at how she has been very committed at coming for church. She is a quiet person and this was the first time I saw her expressng her self. She stood up and said she wanted to testify what happened to her during the crusade. “I had been sick for a long time. I had numbness and always felt dizzy. When the preacher called for the sick to come forward, I was among the people who came to the front. After I was prayed for my sickness left me and to this day I am still well. I am now able to work in my field“. This woman is among the people who have been baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sharing testimony of how she got healed during Rufunsa crusade

God has touched her life and she has found a treasure in always being found in the fellowship of believers.

Last Saturday, 12th February 2022, after the church service Bro Nzima remained behind to have fellowship with believers on Sunday morning. This would be the first time they would meet on Sunday (all these days we’ve been meeting on Saturdays and we are hopping to officially open the building for Sunday services anytime this month of February). Here is a report Bro Jesse Nzima posted conerning the time he had there today:

Shalom saints we had a wonderful time of fellowship in Rufunsa. It was very refreshing. Unfortunately a good number of people had arrived late for church, around 10 AM when I was supposed to be starting off coming back to Lusaka. The people had invited others to come and attend the Sunday service. Indeed Sunday meetings are a matter of urgency.

I also had a wonderful time with Sister Phiri and her family (Sister Phiri is an old widow).

Bro. Jesse Nzima

There were wonderful testimonies of what God did in their lives. Yesterdays sharing by the pastor is in everyone’s mouth. People were so blessed and brother Steven said he wished he slept in church, it was so good for him.

Mr Musukuma gave me a lift on the bicycle.

I have just gotten on a bus. He said the word is shaping him and there is another person he wants us to visit to hear the word next week (he already had a talk with him).

If you are a believer reading this always remember thatĀ  as long as Jesus hasn’t come yet we still have a lot of work to take the Word to anyone who would listen.

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