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Testimony By Bro Jesse Nzima – “I was a part of the service”

When the above sermon was preached Bro Nzima did not attend the church service at Believers Assembly in Lusaka. He was out to minister at the newly established church in Rufunsa. When he left I had texted him encouraging him to emphasise the importance of baptism to those who had accepted Christ. He only got to see the text when he was already back to Lusaka but surprisingly he had been led to minister to the people on the same thought. Last night (Monday, 7th March 2022) he decided to listen to the sermon we had in Lusaka and this was his testimony:

Praise the Lord Saints,

As I am writing this short testimony, I am still amazed at how God works and confirms His Word.  To cut the long story short, about an hour ago (Am typing this at 11:49pm on March 7), I went to bed and thought of playing the Sunday sermon, which we had just uploaded. Since I was in Rufunsa I had no idea what it was all about.

As I played the sermon (in half sleep), I heard brother Phiri talking and emphasizing on love and compassion. Then something clicked when he read 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter on love.  My heart leaped for joy and I immediately sent him the text below:

Yes sir. I am listening to the Sunday sermon and I can’t help but be bewildered! Yesterday around 5am to 6am, when I woke up (in Rufunsa were I was at the time) I went for intercession in the bush near the church. As I was in prayer a thought told me to read 1 Corinthians 13. I read the whole chapter and started praying in line. The Lord bears me witness I said these words, “Lord, I may be here because I have sacrificed to, but it all amounts up to nothing if it is not coupled with love, so let a genuine love be the reason for this work”.

And I was also interceding for my mother who has been unwell. And I said in my heart, “Lord may she see a need for me to pour out my heart and pray with her. And also to reach out to her during the crusade”. Then yesterday when you picked me and I was talking to my sister (on the phone), she came on the line because they were having prayers and she said she wanted me to pray for her.

The sermon has been a great source of encouragement to me. I am humbled by how the Lord works. I regret when I look back to over 19 years of nothing but coldness and dormancy. May you always remember me in prayer for the work the Lord has started.

That was the text I sent brother Phiri. I spent about an hour praying and meditating on 1Coritnthians 13 in Rufunsa.  So hearing brother Phiri open the same scripture, was bewildering for me! It is like I was part of the service back in Lusaka some 100km away!


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