To this end we are called, Chatama Mission Support

Shalom and blessings to all, especially those who have a burden for the Lost on their hearts.

By God’s grace we have continued to receive encouraging testimonies from Chatama, a village where we recently held a crusade and 38 people got baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ  (we initially recorded 31 but number has been updated to 38!). Testimonies of deliverance from sickness and demonic opression, and people getting established in the Word are a source of immense encouragement in this difficult work (read about the Crusade Report here).

It is now Rain Season here in Zambia and so our focus and burden is to quickly raise a building where the new believers can start gathering. Thankfully, the foundation (which is the most costly part apart from roofing), is already in place.

Dear friends, be informed  that there are also myriad expenses of monthly support for our missionaries on ground. This has been a work of faith and this far God has never failed to supply the needs.

We are presently working towards making a church building for the new congregation in Chatama. It is also in our plan to sink a borehole (which should be equipped with a solar pump) for water needs. We were encouraged to see a temporal structure that the new believers have erected to use for their worship services. Surely something has happened in the lives of these new believers.

To all our ministry partners and friends be informed that this is our current objective and urgent need. On 15th December I am scheduled to visit Chatama for a series of teaching meetings to establish the saints in the Faith. To this end we are called, to proclaim the Word of Truth for a people who live in gross darkness to see the Light of Day. Amen.

In the Field

Andrew C. Phiri

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