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Kenya Mission Reports – Bro. Rolf Strommen

In Lusaka we have been preparing for meetings with Bro. Strommen, however, it seems there is much work going on in Kenya and I was glad to receive a report from Bro. Strommen today concerning souls coming to Christ (read report below). That is what suffices for us here in Lusaka and we are in prayer for Brother Rolf and sister Grace for God to use them. May the Lord bless all those who wait for His appearing. A C Phiri

Bro. Rolf Strommen

Dear Bro Phiri.

Greetings to you from us here in Nairobi. The work here has taken our time and the invitations for more meetings in this area has made us consider staying up to around December 10. I wrote a little report yesterday and this is what I told my precious friends in the Lord.

We have now completed the outdoor campaign planned here in Nairobi. Yesterday we had first the morning meeting at the venue, and I ministered from Dan. 12: 7, and Rev. 13: 11-14. It is about the Antichrist and the build-up to the end of the world community’s government here on earth. Later in the day we went to the market place which we have had meetings for the past week. The space is not very big but it still holds many souls.

About 60 souls came and surrendered to the Lord that night. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the meeting. Several came and gave their testimony of the Lord’s work in their lives. The last open-air meeting on Sundays is dedicated to some testimony so that the people can see the impact of the Gospel through these meetings. Some are asked to come forward and share what the Lord revealed in their lives through the meetings both now and in the past.

Bro. Gasper calls this a Marathon operation, and that’s probably right. The entire congregation is involved. Equipment must be moved every day. Up rigging and down rigging requires work of many friends. The speaker system should work from start to stop, there is prayer throughout the campaign. I see friends who are constantly praying during meetings. When invited for intercession, our friends are right there as counselors and make sure no one is left out.

We pray for them individually and there are many different needs; also beyond salvation. I notice that there are many who bring clothes and other things that they want us to lay our hands on, as a sign, which they bring to souls they feel need to meet the Lord in a special way. Acts 19:11.

Today it is Monday and a full meeting again at the venue. We will probably be here throughout this week also, with meetings in slightly different places. Now we have been invited to come back to a convention in Tongaren; with bro. Martin Wanyana which is to be held from December 4-9. So it looks like we’re staying here in Kenya until we have to travel directly back to South Africa after this convention. We will see what the Lord does for us. We still have Uganda and Zambia that we haven’t been able to visit yet this time. But we had to skip places last year too, because of the extension of the meetings we had then.

In any case, there is no shortage of places to travel. I also get requests to get to other places. There are friends we do not know and areas that are completely new to us. It’s not easy to say no, but we can’t be in more than one place at a time. At the same time, we must know the Lord’s leadership for what we do. If the Lord does not build the house, they work in vain who build upon it; if the Lord does not guard the city, the watchman watches in vain. Psalm 127: 1. Still remember us in your prayers.

October 2019 Mission

Next month I have another 600KM to drive, going to a remote village in Eastern Province where we are laboring to establish a number of congregations. This will be the fourth time I am going there. There is no church in this village (not even traditional ones!). This is a ‘virgin ground’ for which we are starting everything from scratch. Not many would commit to travelling  to the place as it offers no entertainment of good roads or decent accomodation. The work is huge as we have to also invest time in teaching people how to read and educate them on basics of nutrition. Daunting as the task looks, I look back to the time when I had parked at the palace of the chief of the village (I was in a meeting with him over our ministry’s work in the village); At a distance I saw two women waiting for us. Coming back to the car I greeted them and all they could say was how God had touched them at a prayer meeting I held at a home. They desired more! From that time I became determined that no matter how dettering the place is, one day God’s light shall shine forth there. I intend to have a crusade there in months to come. I do hope a believers convention will be in this place by next year.  However, as I travel there this October two troubles have lingered on my mind: the water problem in the area and the vehicle to use for getting there.

The water challenge

The villages in this area look extremely dry because of the water problem. It is my prayer that the Lord will not only break forth the fountain of living waters but also natural water that people can use for their agricultural activities. The good news is that there is water available underground and a few places have afforded to drill boreholes.

Chatama Village in Eastern Province

I intend to drill a borehole and install a solar-water pump.That will be vital not only to the people but a relief to this ministry. In the past, when we visited remote poor places, it was our custom to hand out clothes, foodstuffs and money, but over the years I have learnt that such an approach is not sustainable. It makes people continually depend on what you can provide. Much needed is a self-sustaining system and the one system that would be much appreciated  in the area is water for agricultural activities and livestock farming. The local people have often expressed this great need but they are too poor to afford the high cost of borehole installation. As I travel to the village this October that will be top on my agenda of the mission trip. The project will require an amount of about US$5,000.00.

The Transport Challenge

Our second challenge is more costly than the water one above, and it is about the means for accessing the remote villages. Despite the great need of preaching work that needs to be done in the village much discouraging has been the difficultness of driving through the rugged roads. A distance that should take 40 or 60 minutes can take 2 to 3 hours! In the past my small saloon car has persevered through rough terrains but this has come at great stress to the small car. Even so, I am so thankful for how the Lord has sustained it. Back in the years when I didnt have a vehicle, I sought the Lord through three days of praying over the need. Surprisingly my elder brother who is not in the faith the same week offered me a loan. Straightway I used it to get the car. Together with my wife we settled the loan in twelve months from our salary earnings (at that time my wife was in employment). We are so thankful for how the car has been useful. Over the years we have brocken nights driving to remote places here in Zambia and into Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. However, it has lived its life and we now feel it is time to sell it and get one which can work on rough terrains.

The Lord has sustained this car in many of our missionary journeys

In the past we have had believers asking what way they could help in our ministry expenses. Well, if you ever thought of sending any assistance now, here is where it is much needed now! For other minisrty costs – travels, church construction work and book distributions –  by God’s grace we are able to afford through salaries we earn from our secular jobs. Tithes and offerings which come from the local assembly and a few friends and partners who rely on sermons posted on this website have been a great help.

If you feel led to help us overcome these two mission challenges, please do contact me on:

Shalom to all who wait for His coming.

Yours in Christ

Andrew C. Phiri

Missionary & Pastor – Believers’ Assembly

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:17)

Zimbabwe Meetings

Report by Jesse M. Nzima

We had a four days visit to Chitungwiza Zimbabwe from the 28th of June to 2nd of July 2019. Chitungwiza is a small municipality located about 20 km southeast of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

We traveled using Brother Phiri’s car. From Lusaka to Chitungwiza is a distance of about 480 km, taking about 8 hours of drive.

Day of Travel – Friday, 28th June

We started off from Zambia at around 3:30 pm local time. We were initially scheduled to leave Lusaka early in the morning the very day but my wife’s passport was misplaced at the passport office and so she had to resubmit her documentation. We therefore decided to let her sort out the paperwork and later link up with us in Zimbabwe. To our surprise this whole delay on her apart was actually a fulfillment of a dream she had early this year, which she had shared during a prayer meeting and which we had emailed to Bro. Phiri.

Note: This is the dream which was shared during a prayer meeting and was emailed to my inbox on 29th March, 2019. The details of the dream were remarkably fulfilled but with only one detail we do not understand – that of two Filipino children.


Dream by sister Moudy Nzima

In the dream I was on a long journey on a bus and on the opposite row of the bus sat our pastor (Bro. Phiri) and next to me was a lady whom I couldn’t make out who she exactly was.

After we disembarked from the bus, I gave directions to the place the pastor needed to go and it appeared like we were all heading to different directions. However, immediately Brother Phiri left, I found myself at the same destination he was heading to and at this time I could not see the woman I had sat next to in the bus.

Once I  got to the place I saw Brother Phiri seated next to three other brothers whom I couldn’t identify . I then by passed them without greeting them and went straight into the house where I found two kids in the living room. The children where Filipinos. I then saw sister Norah coming from the bathroom towards me. I was surprised to see her and I then asked her , “You are already here?” and that is how I woke up.

This was the first time for Sister Nzima to travel to Zimbabwe. She testified to us that Pastor Veremu’s house and the environment was what she had seen in the dream. What is interesting in this whole testimony is that of all the three people accompanying me on this trip – Brother Nzima, Sister Nzima, and my wife, Sister Nzima was the one who had submitted the passport application earliest. Her travel document was suppose to be the first one to be ready but against all odds her papers got lost and she had to do the entire application and interviews on the same day we were scheduled to travel. Her papers got ready long after we had left. We made arrangements for her to travel by bus and join us in Zimbabwe! All this while she got discouraged and was almost giving up and none of us remembered the dream which had foretold this event! 

We reached Chirundu border at 5:00 pm . The clearance process delayed by almost two hours and by 7:30 pm we were cleared and we finally crossed over into Zimbabwe. We had to drive the 350 km stretch for six and a half hours. We arrived Brother James Veremu’s residence at exactly 1:00 am. We had no trouble finding his place as we used the GPS system for directions.

Second Day, Saturday, 29th June

We had our first meeting on Saturday 29th June. The meeting started at 2:00 pm local time and ended at 6:00 pm. Bro. Phiri spoke on the subject Only Believe. He read from Mark 5:36 – “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe”. He emphasized the importance of relying on God in all we do.

He further highlighted the complexities in nature and how everything in nature adheres to God’s established laws. This is different with man who was endowed with free will and used that to disobey his creator. He also pointed out that in the absence of knowledge fear is the dominant emotion in the journey of life.

He also read from Matthew 14:22-33, stressing that like Peter, we have to stand on the Word in order to walk on the uncertain ‘waters’ of life.

Third day, Sunday, 30th June

We had two services on this day. In the first service Brother Phiri preached on Peter’s  Journey of faith. The scripture reading was taken from the book of Luke 5:8 – “When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord”. The focus was on the call of Peter. When the miracle of the great catch of fish was performed, Peter was not excited at the abundance of fish as something that signaled financial prosperity for his business. Instead the miracle brought fear and the conviction in his heart. Peter saw something deeper than what others may have seen. He discerned the message of God to his heart. That day Peter was actually to leave his nets and trade. But with no job, how would he now take care of his family and how would he pay the often burdensome Roman taxes? Well, what could this miracle mean but that the God who caused the unexpected great catch of fish would supply Peter’s needs? This sermon took us through other trials Peter went through with regards his calling (the sermons are available on our YouTube channel. Go to the Sermons tab above and locate the titles).

Chitungwiza church building

In the afternoon the title of the sermon was The trying of your faith. The Bible reading was taken from Matthew 3:11 – “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire”. A deep thought was shared on the fire that God sends to cleanse his people for perfection!

In the evening we drove some 10 km to a house of brother and sister Tindilika. Sister Tindilika is the  daughter of Brother James Veremu, our hosting pastor.

Brother Phiri with Brother James Veremu

We had a wonderful meal and a good time of fellowship on the table. And as is the case it was time to say our good byes.

Fourth day, Monday, 1st July

This day was the last stay of our visit. We took time to relax and have a walk around at Bro. James Veremu’s farmland. It was interesting to learn the process of successful farming and characteristics of plants. I was particularly interested in the grafting process of plants. Pastor Veremu showed us a number of fruit trees that were grafted. One interesting thing I learnt about the process was that it did not matter how young the stump of a tree was as long as the branch being grated in is old enough the plant would start producing the fruit.

We visited the house of Brother Isaac Veremu and his wife. Our sisters had a wonderful time of fellowship with Sister Veremu junior ( Bro. Isaac’s wife). Later in the afternoon we visited the house of Brother Peliah Veremu, another son of Pastor Veremu. We then had a drive around Chitungwiza municipality.  Thereafter we drove back to the house of Bro. Peliah where we were served dinner.  The daughter of Brother Peliah sung us a wonderful song. The title being Be not afraid , tying in well with the message we heard earlier in the day. It talks about the time the Lord Jesus Jesus came walking on  water and the disciples were afraid and then he shouted to them that it was he and that they needed not be afraid. After dinner we headed back home to where we were keeping up at the pastor’s house.

Fifth day, Tuesday, 2nd July

We started off back to Lusaka on this day. In the course of our driving back home we reflected on the wonderful time of fellowship we had with the brothers and sisters in Chitungwiza . We reflected on the lessons that could be drawn from the life of Peter.  We reached Lusaka around 6:00 pm local time.

2019 India and Singapore Visit

The following is a report of my recent visit to India and Singapore. The first part of the report (for the India visit) has been written by Brother Hubert D’souza my host.

Report by Pastor Hubert D’souza

The 9th of April 2019 was a great day with lots of excitement in the hearts of the saints at Faith Assembly church in Mumbai. It brought joy to us as we saw Brother Andrew Phiri of Zambia arrive at the airport. The flight arrived almost 20 minutes before its scheduled time.


The first convention meeting was scheduled in Pune, a city that is about 180 kilometres from Mumbai. A two day meeting was organised on the 10th and 11th April 2019. The church at Pune is led by Pastor More together with Brothers Balerao and Sona Dethe of Ahmednagar. This convention was organised at the Christi Seva Ashram Swargate Pune, a beautiful place with cool greenery in the campus. We started off from Mumbai by car by 5:30 AM and reached Pune around 10:00 AM.

We had four sessions in two days. It was a true feast around the Word of God. The large number of people that gathered from far and wide confessed that it was a great time of spiritual blessing. The messages left us spell bound in understanding “the mystery of His will”. On both days it was a good time of music, melody and worship with God’s anointed Word.

Finally the end of the two days meeting winded with a benediction by Pastor Balerao of Ahmednagar. In returning to Mumbai we started off at about 9:00 pm after having dinner in a fine restaurant in Pune. We reached Mumbai safely around 1:30 am.

Welcoming brother Phiri in Pune with a bouquet of flowers

Note: I was particularly touched to see some believers who had traveled great distances to attend these meetings. There was Sister Valentine D’souza (a former Catholic nun) who despite being badly sick had traveled from Mangalore to Mumbai and then to Pune. Through these meetings I also noticed how far our books and website ministry has reached out to many people. A number of them expressed their testimony of how they have been blessed. Others have made efforts to print out and distribute various articles on the website. The efforts are so much appreciated.

End of meetings and all set to drive back to Mumbai. From L-R: Flossy Dsouza, Andrew Phiri, Bhalerao, and Hubert Dsouza


The 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2019 were the scheduled dates for the Mumbai meetings, three consecutive evening services suited for the busy Mumbai crowd. The venue was Faith Assembly Church. All the services were packed and every one rejoiced in the meetings. The last service was a Sunday service and was a fully packed service.

The story of ‘Lot standing at the gate’ was an eye opener to all of us. There were saints gathered from Mangalore, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmednagar to hear the message of the hour.

It was indeed a precious moment around the Word of God.


On the 15th of April 2019 we started our journey to the capital of our country (Delhi). Brother Phiri and myself started the journey by the Rajdhani Express to New Delhi. After 16 hours of travel we reached New Delhi and were received  by Brother Sanjeev Emmanuel, the Pastor of a local church in Delhi.

With Bro. Sanjeev Emmanuel

The 16th and 17th of April 2019 were the two lovely days of fellowship. Seekers of Truth and believers gathered at the pastor’s residence for fellowship. The saints were blessed and enriched by the Word of God. Brother Phiri expounded on the message ‘The Speaking of God’ and everyone was delighted in the truth of the scriptures.

It all came to an end with a typical Biryani dinner (Indian Style).

Utter Pradesh

The next day,18th of April 2019, we started off to Uttar Pradesh. By afternoon we reached Bhaisya. We were received by the local pastor, Brother Gulzar Masih, and the members of the church. Pastor Gulzar Masih’s house was under renovation and he did so much work to expedite everything just in order to make our stay comfortable. It was a warm climate yet some unexpected rains had made the climate cool and windy.

This place is a village with lots of greenery and fields in the background. The saints were very hospitable and kind. Brother Phiri was so much loved and taken care of. He was also made to indulge in a variety of Indian cuisine and sweets. The two days of meetings in Bhaisya were a great delight and a time of feasting around the Word of God. The believers were found rejoicing in every aspect of the revelation expounded. Brother Phiri spoke on a message of “Stiring up the Faith in You”.  It was beautifully expounded with illustrations.

The only problem brother Phiri had was how to communicate with the saints. Hindi is the only language spoken and understood in this place and so interpretation was the only way of relating with people. The two days were amazing and every bit of it became a cherished memory.

In one service in Bhaisya, my message took a turn. I decided to speak on the issue of Law and Grace. At the end of the service I understood why that happened. An Adventist couple came forward to testify of their desire to be in the faith. They asked for a place where they could start fellowshiping where the precious truth they heard was being taught. The couple requested that I pray for them and I gladly did that. I pray that the Lord may help them grow and become fruitful in the faith.

The next day, 20th April, we started off to Sata Keda, another village which is about 30 kilometers from Bhaisya.  We all headed to a river where water baptisms were arranged. It was a quiet place and peaceful environment. About 16 persons got baptized in the river and put on Christ. They were men, women, youngsters and even old grannies.

This was a very touching moment as these people gave their lives to Christ. After this baptism service we all headed to the prayer service where a lot of ministers and saints gathered to hear the word of God.

Brother Andrew Phiri spoke on living a consecrated life in waiting on the promise of the coming of the Lord. The saints rejoiced and received the Word gladly in their hearts.

This gathering ended with a sumptuous meal prepared by the church elders. After talking and sharing for a while we then started to Rampur the next destination.

We went to the home of Pastor Nazaad Masih, a renown pastor in the area who has labored for Christ for over 40 years, preaching the gospel and proclaiming the Message of the Hour. A truly humble servant of the Lord.

Pastor Nazaad Masih

After a cup of tea and snacks we gathered at the home of one of the church elders – Brother James –  for an evening service. This area is a small town in Rampur and is a historical place in the state of Utter Pradesh. Brother James is the church elder and worship leader of the Rampur church. He is a loving and caring brother in the Faith. It was a small gathering of about 25 to 30 people and Brother Phiri encouraged them on how to walk the Christian walk and be grounded in the present truth. After the service we had a typical north Indian meal for dinner. They had been informed to use less spice in the food for our visitor but yet brother Andrew Phiri appreciated the Indian delicacies. We were made to stay for the night in one of the brother’s home where we had a causal discussion for a couple of hours and later we went to bed.

The next day being a Sunday, on 21st April, we started off to a village where the church is located. This Kashipur church was built by Pastor Nazaad Masih. We were welcomed with great enthusiasm. This place was a real village with fields and greenery all around. Beautiful small village houses, it was a great pleasure to visit these people and meet them in their homes. The church service started at about 10:30 am and the worship service was  characterized by good Hindi classical songs, and the saints worshiped God from all their hearts. We were welcomed to the stage and Brother Phiri ministered from the Word of God. The church was packed to capacity with believing saints and ministers from various churches.

The message spoken by Bro. Phiri  was a great blessing to all the saints in Rampur.

After ministering in this church one thing that I kept being told by people was, “My questions have been answered!” I spent time to teach on the nature of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. After the services a group of zealous brothers, most of them youthful, took me out to a quite place under a tree where they expressed so much joy of what they had learned. It was a good time of fellowship and asking questions. I pray that God may establish His children in India and around the world in the revealed truth of Scripture.

There was lunch prepared by the church members for all the people gathered. The people gathered from far and wide and assembled for this morning and evening services. The evening service started at about 4:30 pm and went up till 7:00 pm. We gave a token of our love and appreciation to Pastor Nazaad Masih for his faithful service unto the Lord for over 40 years.  This gesture was highly appreciated. That evening we had the meals at one of the members in the vicinity, who belongs to the church.

Truly every bit of time we spent in Kashipur (Rampur) was a memorable one. The next morning we boarded a train back to Delhi and then to Mumbai. That morning we visited another Pastor from Rampur Pastor Malan Masih. We had a short visit to his place where we had a short prayer and then we went to the railway station to board the train to Delhi. At Delhi we were received by bro Sanjeev Emmanuel to his home and then the next day we took a train back to Mumbai and were back home after a 15 day journey in the mission. Many thanks to Bro. Andrew Phiri for his precious time with the saints in India.

Pastor Hubert D’souza


From Mumbai I traveled to Singapore through Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I arrived in Singapore on 26th April feeling so weary and tired. I was received by Brothers Richard Gan and Jonan Gan. At Changi airport I was astounded at the beauty of the airport. It has been rated the best for the seventh time in a row and it sure deserves the rating. I was especially stunned by an artificial waterfall structure.

With Brother Richard Gan at Jewel Changi Airport

However, what was more important for me in this prosperous city-state was spending some time of prayer and fellowship with Brother Richard Gan and saints at the Prophetic Revelation fellowship on a Sunday before proceeding home to Lusaka. This ministry holds a special place in the hearts of many people around the world and I was thankful to have had another time of visiting for the third time now.

I came to know of Brother Gan’s ministry in 1999. In that year a Pentecostal reverend had warned me not to read his white ‘Prophetic Revelation’ books, telling me that they were just not right. The reverend however recommended that Spoken Word books by Brother Branham were fine to read. One day I was with a friend in the reverend’s home. He reached out to pick a Spoken Word book, and as he also wanted to pick a ‘white’ book on the shelf, I echoed the warning to him, “Don’t take those white ones, they are not good!” Here I was, preventing a person from reading that which I had never read nor understood myself! Well, from the same bookshelf I decided to pick a golden-colored book. It had a strange title which I didn’t understand – “THE FINALE”. Although strange, the book was alright for me as long as it wasn’t in white color!

That evening I began to read the book and everything was too new. Then came an experience that frightened me. I went into a trance and saw a man walking barefoot in a dark corridor of a house. In his hand was a torch. He screamed saying, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!” I  woke up from the experience and went on my knees praying and repenting. Later I came to realize that the author of the book which led me to the truth was the same one for the white ones. What could it be but a real illustration that we should not  judge a book by its cover.

Bookshelf  at Prophetic Revelation prayer hall

We had two services in Singapore during which I preached on a message titled The Speaking of God. 

Notice board

The video messages are available both on our YouTube channel (For Your Edification) and the Prophetic Revelation website.

Bro. Jonan Gan leading praise and worship during the church service

I flew back home on 30th April, arriving on 1st May. My first week back home I felt sick from the stress of the journey but later recovered. Our prayers are now towards Malawi, where I will be travelling next for a series of meetings. May the Lord bless all who love His appearing. Amen.


Testimony of Uganda Visit

On 11th January I received a call from Brother Akpan Nice, asking me to go with him to Uganda. He had received a word of prophecy from a sister in the congregation concerning the need to visit the country. I told brother Nice that I was still saving up money for the air-ticket cost for my April visit to Asia and so I could not afford going to Uganda by flight (Going by road was not an option as it would require me to apply for leave days from my work. It takes about four days to travel by road to Kampala and another four days for returning. Adding the three days I was supposed to be in Uganda would require me to use up about 11 of my leave days; days which will be so much needed for the Asian itinerary). When brother Nice insisted that he would pay my way, I realised the importance of the visit. I decided to set some time in prayer and fasting to seek the Lord’s will and guidance over the matter.

On the second day of my fast when I reached home from work, I went into the bedroom to have some time of prayer and reading the Word. This was on 16th January, 2019. As I prayed a verse of Scripture dropped into my heart – “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” ( Isa. 55:11). The word “prosper” got my attention. I stopped praying and began to meditate on how God’s word can be accomplished in someone’s life but yet not prosper in the thing for which it was sent! I was led to read through the book of Ezra to see how the prophecies of Jeremiah (29:10) and Daniel (9:25) got accomplished and prospered. Furthermore various events in the book of Ezra were a good type of difficulties that the five-fold ministry is currently going through in building the ‘house of God’.

After writing the thoughts I continued praying. In my prayer that late afternoon I kept supplicating saying, “Lord, let your Word prosper in the thing for which you sent it for in Uganda”.

After an hour of praying, I received the following text message from Sister Bree in USA:

I wanted you to know I am in prayer for you and the trips you are about to take the end of the month. I have set aside some time of prayer and fasting to that end. I pray the Lord will prosper His Word and encourage believers as well as call His elected to repentance while there is still time!

My heart was uplifted when I saw those words – “I pray the Lord will prosper His Word”. When I told her about the experience I had that afternoon concerning Isaiah 53:11, Sister Bree asked: “Are you aware that Brother Nice is this very minute using those same scriptures in his message? I’m watching him over YouTube.” Well, the Lord confirms his speaking to us in various ways and I could see the leading of the Lord in it all.

I flew to Uganda on 30th January, arriving there around 01:00 AM the following day, on Thursday. Brothers Charles Obwoon and Joshua Nice received me at Entebbe Airport. (Brother Joshua Nice, Brother Nice’s young brother who is also a minister of the Word, had arrived earlier in the week with brothers Akpan Nice and Christian Uzoukwu).

Left to Right: Brothers Akpan B. Nice, Joshua Akpan Nice, Andrew C. Phiri, Christian Uzoukwu, Charles Obwoon

I was taken to stay with the family of brother Ambrose Omal.

The Word confirmed with Visions & Dreams

On Wednesday, the day before my arrival, I was told of a great service the believers had when Brother Christian Uzoukwu  had ministered. A vision had been given to a sister during the service. On 1st February, I was scheduled to preach in the evening service. I took the believers through the book of Ezra, looking at types of what the Church of Christ is going through today.

It was an atmosphere filled with the joy of the Lord and a positive reception of the Word being ministered.

At the end of the service I kept hearing local ministers excitedly saying “It’s a Gideon-anointing!” I didn’t understand that until Brother Ambrose excitedly started narrating to me about a dream he had in 2018:

I had a dream the night of 30 – 1st of May 2018… It looked like I was attending a convention or crusade in a place I didn’t know and I realised it was pastor Andy of Ghana who was preaching but I was the one reading the scriptures on his behalf and then as it was going on Pastor Andy gave me a letter which was sent by Pastor Tay of Ghana to the congregation, and he gave me the letter to read to the congregation. I opened and I started reading. The only words I remember were:  “CONTINUE TEACHING THE PEOPLE ABOUT THE BOOK OF EZRA”. And then the spirit moved me to another place and I found the foundation of the church…was being dug and the workers were digging the foundation pits. I stood right there inside the foundation and the voice spoke to me saying, “GIDEON IS COMING”. The voice repeated, “GIDEON IS COMING”. I pointed my figure right inside one of the pits and drilled the pit with my finger like it was drilling machine. And then the spirit took me to another place which looked like it was a sugarcane farm. The farm was well fenced and I realised it was my cousin brother’s late farm. I entered the farm but there was no one inside. I saw nice and well maintained sugarcane plants all over, with no unkempt grass. There were only special and unique species of sugarcane that I have never seen before! So I toured the whole farm and as I was coming back through the same gate where I passed while entering I saw an armed soldier approaching me. He asked, “Who are you?”  I had a metallic sword in my hand that looked to have been made of aluminium steel. I replied to him that I am the brother of the owner of the farm and he said, “okay, fine, I thought you are an intruder”. He started conversing with me normally…escorted me to the gate and I realised they were two armed men. Then I woke up in the dream. As I was laying on my bed meditating  about the dream all of sudden I was caught up in a trance or vision… again the voice clearly spoke to me and said in two different languages, English and Kiswahili, saying “CATCH THE REVELATION, MAWOMBI”. Meaning, catch the revelation and pray. I woke up. Straight way I called my pastor and narrated to him this dream.

Yes, I taught through the book of Ezra showing the believers three troubles that have hindered the building of the ‘house of God’ – the Samaritans, false unity, and claims of one-man ministries. For the constraint of time, I could only

teach on the first two things. When brother Nice on 2nd February ministered, his message was “A good song sung Wrongly” and it hit so hard against claims of some ministries to have succeeded the Seventh Church Age messenger’s ministry. Brother Nice began his message by admonishing believers against the FEAR to stand up against error. It was such an anointed service and I knew that that was ‘Gideon’ speaking to them. We read in the Bible how Gideon separated fearful men from the brave ones who were truly ready to fight! My spirit rejoiced at the working of the Holy Spirit because on the previous day, unknown to brother Nice, brother Ambrose had shared to me a dream which exactly confirmed the message brother Nice preached! It was so uplifting to know that God was in our midst.

I took up the Sunday morning service and the joy of the Lord continued in our hearts. At one point as I preached I saw a brother in the audience looking awestruck as he listened with great attention. He then puzzledly exclaimed, “I can’t believe this!

From the pulpit I straightway left for the airport after bidding each other farewell with Brother Nice. I felt sad parting with him and the other ministers, leaving them on the field. On the way to the airport I asked brother Patrick (who was driving me to the airport) to stop the car so I could have a sight and take a photo of Lake Victoria. It is the largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of River Nile. It lies mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but also borders on Kenya.

I wait to hear more testimonies of God’s grace for the remaining itinerary. I am now preparing for Asia. We earnestly covet your prayers. From Asia there is another call to visit Malawi and Nigeria. We can only pray that God’s grace may lead us. “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev.22:17).


We continue to receive letters of testimonies of the Uganda meetings. My sincere thanks goes to Pastor Charles Obwoon who received and kept us. Heartfelt thanks to brother and sister Omal who accomodated me in their house.

8 Feb 2019 10:53 am

Shalom my precious brother.

I want to register my sincere thanks to you for accepting to follow  the  leading of the Lord for you to pay us a visit one Kampala.  Though, it was rather a very short visit, it was very sweet and I and the church  were specially  blessed by your humble ministry.  

It left sweet memories and I trust God will grant us another opportunity to fellowship together.  
Best regards 
God bless you richly. 
Brother Charles Obwoon 
4 Feb 2019 9:23 am
Hello Pastor Andrew,
God bless you .
Did you reach back home safely ?
I was blessed for the great ministry the lord has given you.
My soul was delivered and my eyes opened to see deeper spiritual things .
May my God I serve and keep taking you around the world delivering his children from bondages.
Best Regards 

Sermons preached in Uganda

The following were the sermons preached by brother A Phiri (Troubles of the Ministry & Through the Fire) and brother A Nice (A good song sung wrongly):

Troubles of the Ministry

A good Song sung Wrongly

Through the Fire

God still gives Children to the barren (Testimony)

We were in a remote village in Mozambique, near the border of Malawi. The people who gathered for the meetings were quite poor in material things  but yet so rich in respecting the ministration of the Word.

Their faith was virgin – they simply believed whole heartedly the simple message presented to them from Scriptures.

After ministering, the hosting pastor asked us to pray for a woman who desired to have a child. They brought the woman forward, in front of the church. “Every time she has a preganancy it ends up in miscarriage” they explained.

If my memory serves me right, the woman had over five miscarriages and upto that time had no children! The poor woman’s face was covered in tears as I started to pray. The words of the prayer are still vivid in my mind because they turned out prophetic: “Lord, the next time I will be in this place may I hold this woman’s child.”

When our mission was done and were back in Lusaka, we received news of the different

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-11 at 8.42.27 PM.jpeg

testimonies of healings that had occured among the people.

But there was this one testimony that is the purpose of this sharing: After a year we were invited to visit the village again. It was such a long stressful drive – from Lusaka to Chipata, then crossing into Malawi and on into Mozambique. (The Lord has sustained my small car to move these long distances over the years and it is still strong today!).

One wonderful thing about village folks is that they are hungry for God’s Word and they are eager to listen to the Word the very day you arrive. So, there was no time to rest and unwind. That evening as we were ushered into the church and I was called upon to minister, before I could start speaking, the host stepped forward saying. “We have a testimony...” He then signaled to a woman carrying a child to step forward. God answered the prayer! We rejoiced knowing that God still gives children to the barren.Only believe, All things are possible. Amen.

[The photos in the testimony above were taken on our first trip when the woman was prayed for. We seldom take photos during mission journeys. The above photos were sent to me yesterday by a brother who had accompanied us for the mission. On the next mission when the testimony child was presented he wasn’t around and none of us took any photos. Even so, our hearts have forever stored the album of the joyous services we had in Mozambique].


Chipata Mission Report

Report by


Jesse M. Nzima

(in the picture  with wife, Moudy)

We had been praying for the mission for quite some time. We thanked the LORD that he finally provided the way for us to travel to the Eastern Province of Zambia, which is about 570km east of Lusaka, to a remote village called Mnukwa.

We set off from Lusaka at 5am on Friday 25th May.  The team that travelled comprised of four brothers and their spouses. After about nine hours on the road, we finally touched Chipata. This city is the provincial headquarters of the Eastern Province.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 6.16.00 AM
Taking a rest after so many hours of driving

We had the opportunity of meeting Chief Mnukwa at his residence in town. He welcomed us. He made us feel at home. He was delighted to finally meet the Nyali Mission team in person.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-30 at 12.04.19 PM.jpeg
With Chief Mnukwa

(Earlier brother Phiri and his wife had been travelling to Chipata to request for land where a church and a school can be established. We have called this project Nyali Mission. Nyali means Light and it is our desire to see the light of God shine in this region. Chief Mnukwa explained that he was looking forward to the establishment of the church and its various activities that will help transform people’s lives spiritually and physically. It is important to note that this is a rural place: schools are scarce and the few that are there are below required standards. Medical facilities are very few, and people have to walk long distances to access them. People are extremely poor and families depend on farming activities. It is for this reason that when Brother Phiri first visited the arean he saw the need to both preach the gospel and teach people literacy skills. He drew inspiration from what the early European missionaries, like Dr David Livingstone, did when they came to Africa. So great were the sacrifices of these missionaries, that one wonders what courage they had to leave the comfort of Europe and come to settle in a strange land which was a bush populated by people whose languages they did not know!).

Upon arrival in Chipata we first visited sister Phiri’s aunt who had been involved in an accident which left her very sick.  Her x-ray showed a crack in the spine. She was in pain and lay down in the centre of the living room as we sat on the sofas.  She had not slept previous nights because of intense pain. She explained how costly the required medical treatment would be. She spoke in tears out of the physical and emotional pain. Some spiritualist religious people visited her and gave her ‘anointed’ water and honey to eat for her healing. They spoke about prophecies of her impending death, to occur on a specified date in June. They said that this would be caused by some people who used evil spells on her. But brother Andrew Phiri read from the book of Jonah chapter Jonah 2:8  – “They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy” and encouraged her to believe on the Lord Jesus. He testified about how his mother got supernaturally healed and became a devout believer. At the end of the sharing we held hands in faith praying a prayer of faith. A day after this prayer, the following day, we were surprised to see her walking, looking bright, with a strong voice, and she was able to sleep soundly that night! She happily testified and after two days we passed through the house and she still looked better and stronger than the earlier time. We can only pray that her heart stays steadfast on the promises of God.

On Friday, after praying for the patient we proceeded to Chatama, another village under Chief Mnukwa, where the mother of sister Phiri lives. She farms and rears animals. We arrived at night and were warmly welcomed.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 6.15.35 AM.jpeg
We arrived at the village around 8 PM

Before going to sleep the family gathered to listen to a preaching. At the end of the sharing we presented various prayer requests which had been given. At the end of the meeting brother Phiri distributed bro Branham’s book –  “Discerning the Body of the Lord”, to all people who were present.

Saturday was the day that we were scheduled to see the land allocated for our ministry.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 6.15.30 AM.jpeg
In the morning set to go and survey the land the church has been given

That morning there was a request which came from a woman at a nearby home, asking for prayers over her family. She desired healing in her legs which are experiencing pain and prayer over her children. When we arrived there, some more women and children gathered. Brother Phiri preached about the Lord Jesus and how He came to set the captives free. The people were attentive and expectant. After the sharing we had prayer for the sick. We also prayed for the children.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 6.16.06 AM.jpeg
After a short service we were ready to proceed with journey

We finally said good bye to the people and I looked at the brothers and told them that we had offered prayer and they had received us and heard us but they still needed financial and educational assistance. The people have heard the preaching but they can’t read!

A nursery school!

We finally proceeded to the area where the piece of land was. It was beyond our expectations. It is so beautiful, so large, very near to the road, and has a stream flowing through it. The local headman showed us the whole area. The land is approximately 400 metres by 160 metres. After finalizing the tour of the place we drove back to town and spent a night at a lodge.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-30 at 12.45.39 PM.jpeg
We hope to establish the ministry on this land.

In the morning, at the lodge, before going for church service, brother Phiri took us to sit around under a tree-shade. He took the opportunity to remind us on various important aspects of leadership that we should always be mindful of as leaders in our local assembly. He admonished the brothers to watch the ways of their homes in ensuring that their wives were also versed in the Truth of God’s Word.

Brother Phiri ministering to us

He stressed that leadership was not merely a position but a life to be lived. He admonished us to be ahead in prayer, to be ahead in studying the Bible. He admonished us to live a life worthy of a leader, full of integrity and devoutness. After a word of prayer we got into our cars and proceeded to  Chipata Christian Tabernacle.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 6.16.10 AM.jpeg
Chipata Christian Tabernacle

Brother Phiri preached an inspired sermon titled The Way of Life (watch video below).Our spirits rejoiced being in anointed atmosphere. When the sermon ended the pastor of the assembly was enthused at how the message preached reflected what had been mentioned at church the previous week. He desired for us to return there as often as we can to help strengthen the church of Christ. (watch the sermon on the link provided below).

From the church service we started off to Lusaka and arrived in Lusaka around 10:30PM. To God be all the glory.

Way of Life

Preached at Chipata Christian Tabernacle


And the Books were Opened – P1

Day One of Gospel Campaign

Kalundu, Lusaka

“AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED!” A little drama here we can use to illustrate the Truth of God’s Word. The books were closed before they could be opened. The first man, Adam, was first created a spirit being and then later enclosed in a body. In this body our thoughts, imaginations, anxieties, and fears are concealed. But Him whose eyes are like fire sees us ‘naked’ as we are. There is nothing that we are that is hidden from God.

Man lives in constant fear of the death of the body. However, that death only separates one’s soul from his body. When the Soul leaves the body, feelings and consciousness leave the body. However, the soul – wherever it goes  – will still be conscious because it will still have the spirit of life.

Every day of your life you are writing a story. We are books but “written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God” (2 Cor.3:3). You have the ink of life and are writing a story on the pages of time. But you own neither the ink nor the pages.

The Author of Life has power to separate life from the soul. When that happens, one would cease to exist. His consciousness would simply disappear! Should that happen then all that a person was and had achieved would be a waste! That is what constitutes the Second Death, and one, above all things, should dread such a loss! Like the Lord admonished, “fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Mat.10:28). Yes, the “sword” of man can only kill the body of flesh, but only God’s Sword can pierce through to separate the spirit of life from a soul – “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb.4:12). The Word is that Sword which shall come out of the mouth of the Christ, for “out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword”(Rev.19:15).

What story are you writing? Remember that you don’t own the ‘pen’ or the ‘pages’ on which you write. It would be foolish to write your own story before you are told by your maker what story to write. Your prayer should be, “Show me your will Lord”. (Listen to the sermon below).