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Maposa village meetings

A report by Bro. Jesse M. Nzima

The village has a population of about a 150 people. It is located 3KM west of Chatama village (were our crusade was held last October). We made arrangements to visit the village a week ago through a brother there who got saved at the crusade. Our meeting started at 2:30pm in the afternoon and ended at 8:30pm. Bro Sonyezani told me that during the crusade after he got baptised he saw something in his spirit telling him that the crusade work would also extend to his village. He told me that he had seen this day coming. Then yesterday he told me that he had a feeling that the meeting would take longer than planned and for sure it did as we were supposed to have a 2 hour meeting but it turned out be a 4 hour one. One of the major problems the people in the villege face which we strongly touched on was that of alcoholism.

Children listening attentively

The word touched a lot of people and many came surrendering to the Lord to touch  them. They wanted to start living right and to put their homes in order. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. The beer parlour was closed and all the young men were sober and were able to listen to the word. Women were grateful to the Lord  that for the first time the little village was quieter and the beer parlour was un operational.

A makeshift shelter that two of our new brothers put up in the village.

We praise the Lord for the wonderful work. One man came sincerely explaining that he was brought up in a Christian atmosphere but when he settled in the village he started drinking. He came requesting for prayer for him and his wife. We encouraged him from Psalms 1; telling him that no man can be victorious spiritually  without being regulary found in the right atmosphere of fellowship.

Village elders

We further encouraged him that there was no problem too great for the Lord to solve. The Lord instead gives us an open invitation to let him help us;

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
Revelation 22:17

Chatama Crusade Report

By God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit we had a successful crusade in Chatam Village of the Eastern Province of Zambia. Over a hundred people gave their lives to Christ and out of these, thirty one, including a pastor and another a village headman, sealed their decision by getting baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. After returning home from the crusade we are receiving the news tha testimonies of conversions and healings are taking place. What is happening has exceeeded what we hoped would be achieved, and the bigger trouble now is about how we shall manage the time to reach out to the many people who desire Christ in the different villages. The words of the Lord resound in my ears – “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest” (Luke10:2).

The Word of God liberates and sets captives free of sin. That is good news and that is what the word Gospel means. But news is not news if it is not told to the ears. To this end our Lord and Saviour commanded us saying, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:15-18). Sadly, many believers only pride themselves in being ‘the Elect’ or ‘the Chosen ones’ because of the abundance of revelations they have received of God’s Word. However, a closer look into their spiritual lives will quickly reveal that they are actually the ‘chosen frozen’ –  cold and indifferent to the spiritual needs of the moment and the leadings of the Holy Spirit! Many of such ‘arm-chair believers’ can get excited about the turn of world events which indicate the soon coming judgement of the world or the soon appearing of our Lord, but if only they could have a glimpse of how many countless places and people have not yet received the Word, they would instead be asking for a little more time of field work. There is still gross darkness in many villages of Africa and other places of the world. More importantly there are still people out there who are ready and willing to receive and believe the Word of God. No one has ever told them about the liberating power of God. But we are determined to fulfil the command of the Lord. His ever abiding presence encourages us to continue pressing on. However, the work of taking the Gospel to people of the world requires selfless dedicated teams and the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit. Many things that happen on the mission field are often unpredictable. Rightly so, because if they were predicatbale we would cease to depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, God always reveals His will in pieces and one step at a time we get to know and understand what we ought to do.  That is what happened to us about two months before the crusade; I experienced a very strange dream:

The Snake and Stones Dream

I was  in a bushy place of the village where the crusade was to take place. I was standing and surrounded by leaders of the land. They were conversing about something. They seemed uncomfortable about the people getting to know something but I said to them,  “I cannot do that I am a minister of the Gospel”. About that time I saw a large snake crawling. “People should not know about this…” one person spoke and as I turned to look around, I saw many stones being thrown all around to keep people away. In this dream I distinctly saw one person explaining something to me. His looks and identity were clear. As I looked closer, I noticed people of the village hiding behind trees and grass, peeping from their hideouts. They were eager to come but were being kept away by the flying stones. Later Brother Nzima appeared, coming forward and in a very relaxed but alert way struck the snake.

I told the dream to my wife and I narrated it to the audience of the church during a midweek service. I prayed over it but didnt know exactly what it meant until the time of the crusade.

The Moon Experience on 13th October

On 13th October, I started off to Chipata. In my vehicle I was with Norah (my wife), Sis Agness (my mother), Sis Lungu, Bro Nkhandu, and Joshua (my son). Its a long stretch of about 570km between Lusaka and Chipata. When I had covered about 500km of the journey, it was night (around 9 PM). I had put the Message Paradox by Brother Branham, playing through the Bluetooth speakers of the car, but it had paused and was not playing for over three hours and we had forgotten that there was a sermon which had been playing.  As I drove on through the night, the moon was full and looked beautiful. Being the only bright object on a dark night background its was very conspicous. “Look at the moon Joshua, it looks good”, I told Josh. “Yes, do you know what they call that type of moon?” he asked. “What is it?” I inquried. “Its called a bloody moon” he answered. “Well, it looks good…” Immediately (not after a minute or two, but immediately) we ended speaking about the moon, the sound of the voice coming from the bluetooth speakers said,

That moon, millions of miles from the earth, calls to that sea, and it sets its boundaries and controls it. Incredible! What is on that moon? When, just a few miles off the earth, all gravitation, all air, everything else, leaves, goes out into space where there is not even air, for millions and millions and multiplied millions of miles. And, yet, it controls it! Says, “You can go so far, but you can’t go no farther, for I am the guard of God. I’m the watchdog that sets here, and you cannot pass these boundaries.” (61-12-10, Paradox).

The message stopped. This amazed me and a thought struck me saying, “I am with you”. With my right hand on the steering wheel I reached out for my phone using my left hand and asked Joshua to take a photo of the moon. Something was being brought to my attention and I desired a witness to this unusual event. However, when God encourages you with the words, “I will be with you” then be sure of some trouble you should be ready for on your journey. Did not the Lord Jesus say the Father would send us the Comforter (John 16:16)? If there was nothing to comfort us about, the Spirit of God would never have been called Comforter. The first and second day of the crusade would let me understand why I was told, “I am with you”.

Moon, taken on 13th Oct at 9:40PM

A quiet Start on  the first day, 14th October, 2022

At around 11am I intermittently looked through windows of my room to see how many people had come for the event. In three hours time the first crusade meeting was scheduled to start but I could only see a handful of people dotted around the crusade venue. Mission work and mass evangelism is a work of faith: we had already made a pool of water in anticipation of baptisms and we hired a thousand chairs to be occupied by people whom we had never seen. At around 1:30 pm scores of people began to fill the venue and by 2:30PM over 400 people filled the main section of the tent. Headmen, pastors, people from different denominations, and non-church goers were present. However, I learnt before the start of the service, from brethren who had gone out to distribute flyers that a number of people had been warned never to attend the crusade. Many were told that the church bringing the crusade is Satanic . It is important to undersrand that people in villages of Africa are very superstitious and a Satanic label would immediately discourage people from attending a meeting. On that day I preached on a message that asked everyone to introspect about what kind of story they were writing with their ink of life on the pages of Time. It was a quiet but attentive audidence.  When I called people to give their lives to Christ, I exclaimed to them, “No one owns you, you will one day stand before God alone!”

Second Day & Third Day, the Power Comes Down

After being told about what was going on the in the villages and what people had been told, I realised that stones had been thrown and lies of that old Serpent had kept some people from  attending the meetings. At 4:30 am when all believers had gathered for morning prayers in the tent, I said to the Lord, “Father, stones have already been thrown but let those souls I saw hiding behind the grass and trees realise that the stones are actually powerless and cant do them any harm. And as for that serpent, I tread over it just as our Lord told us that we shall tread over serpents. Let your Word of Truth be preached and your people will be set free”. I then instructed believers to be in four groups: one group facing East, another West, another South and another North. With their hands raised towards that direction I told them to pray against the powerless stones, I told them to pray against the venom of lies and for people to come and hear the Truth. We prayed and consecrated the place to the glory of God.

About mid-day before the start of the crusade news reached me that an incident had happened in one of the busses carrying people to the meetings. A man came and expressed his frustration. “Our church had agreed for us to attend the meetings but at the last moment they are telling us not to attend the meeting”. Details of the event were that as people of a certain prominent denomination had filled the bus and when it was about to start off, their pastor stormed the bus and commanded the people to move out of the bus.  “Our church hasnt approved of this crusade. We dont know what the people organising this crusade believe in, dont go!” the man sternly warned his church members. Confusion flared. Some people got off the bus in fear and others stood their ground rejecting the threat and retorted saying, “We are going for the meetings; if they want to expell us from the church, so let it be!” After listening to the sad incident as I went into my room my mind remembered the dream and the man who explained the incident and contended with the elders of his church was the very person I had seen in the dream trying to explain something to me. The dream was fulfilled and I now understood the ‘something’ he was trying to tell me in the dream. Later on, other brothers who had arrived back at the crusade venue, after having gone out to distribute invitation flyers, reported saying that the news in the village is that we are Satanists and many people were warned never to attend the meetings. That was the snake, the lies of the Old Serpent! But we had prayed that morning and left the battle to the Lord. I told my mind to prepare for a waste situation of only having a handful of people. The feeling was discouraging. I decided to speak to the Lord. “Father, give me strength and boldness, and l pray again that let that person I saw in the dream hiding behind a tree and grass have the courage to come and attend the meetings, because I know those stones and the serpent I saw in the dream are powerless”. As I prayed, those words – “I am with you” – came to my mind and I felt joy.

At 2 pm scores of people were coming from every direction. Buses were coming full. By the time I was preaching an estimated number of between 600 and 700 were at the venue. As the Word was preached anyone spiritual could see that chains of darkness had been brocken as people shouted “amens” in responding to the Word of deliverence. The message made every person free to make their personal decision. When one man who had made a decision to get baptised stood up and was directed to immediately go to the pool, another stood up, and then the third one, and on until 31 people got baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! During this service my mother, Sis Agness Phiri, shared a testimony of how God healed her when she believed in His healing power, and later Sis Lungu testified how God miraculously enabled her to start conceiving and having children.

By the time the altar-call was made there were scores of people rushing forward to repent. Men and women came to throw cigarettes on the platform as I stepped over them and cursed that dark spirit that held them in bondage.

The crowd was attentive to the ministration of the Word

Massive response, people rushing forward to repent

As people came forward in repentance, a loud scream came from a woman; it was a demon. She was prayed for. At about the same time, two other women manifested demons as they convulged and were carried by intercessors to a smaller tent for prayers (video clips below).


I later burnt cigerettes and other substances which people came to throw on the platform in surrendering to Jesus Christ (see video below).

There were so many cases of sickness and confession of sin to be dealt with on the second day that although the meetings had ended by 5:30pm we worked through the night attending to the various needs of people. Later in the night, when I had withdrawn to rest, I was told about a family which had brought a girl for prayers. The lady had suddenly become confused and continously spoke gibberish throughout the day. When I saw her condition, I could see that this was not a temporal demonic manifestation but was a case of madness. It was a sorry sight. A team of intercessors prayer for her over a long period of time. They came to join us in the room we were keeping up around 11pm. The following day she was in service as a very sober person. In the morning we all woke up with hoarse voices. My throat was in pain from much speaking and praying on the previous day. On this third day, the number of people swelled further (we were too busy to make an estimate) and I took time to explain the sad condition of Christianity and the need to repent truly and begin walking in the Truth; if we walk in the Truth there will be a blessing upon our lives and our families. The Truth is not a historical concept to be mastered in the mind but is a living power of the Word of God.

After the crusade ended I travelled back to Lusaka. Two brothers, brothers Nzima and Chikoti, have remained to take care of the new converts. A new church has immediately started. On the last day of the crusade I  addressed a meeting of all believers from the church in Lusaka, 25 of them, explaining to them about the ever increasing needs of the mission ministry. “If persons like Bro Nzima and Bro Chikoti have made themselves available to remain behind and take care of the flock, we are obligated to take care of their families. Not all of us have been called to be in field and so, if you cant go you can help take care of the various ministry needs” I admonished the gathering of brethren.

On the following day, Bro Nzima sent me a voice note, explaining the testimonies of salvation and healing which have continued taking place after the crusade (listen to the voice note below). I explained to Brother Nzima, “You are remaining on the ground there and the only way the snake of lies will be destroyed is by your life. ‘Falsehood’ or ‘lies’ about you cannot be dispelled by arguments or words of defense but by simply living a life that manifests the Word and fruit of the Spirit.  You are the one remaining there to represent who we are and your life shall declare the falsehoods that have been spread; that is why you are the one killing the snake in the dream”.

This report has been typed in haste but I hope it informs you about how God is still interested in saving lost souls. May you continue praying for us. Our mission needs are growing exponentially. May I take this opportunity to thank all those who took it upon themselves to contribute towards making this event a success. May God richly bless you for making yourself available to be used of the Lord. Shalom.


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