Prayer Clinic

Back in the years when our church in Lusaka (Zambia) had started, it was a very small gathering of about seven to ten people. When a fellowship is that small size it is easy for a pastor to be in direct constant communication with members of a fellowship to help them through their journey of faith. He can easily meet persons in need from time to time and see them through their deliverance.

I remember one woman who had just seen the light of the present truth but had this spiritual oppression: when asleep or sometimes when awake she would feel an evil presence that persistently afflicted her mind. “Pastor when it comes I have tried to pray over it but it is so persistent and I am giving up!” she once complained. However, after a period of routine prayer-counselling sessions with her, guiding her on how to fight spiritual warfare, I was happy one day to hear her testimony. “I am no longer a child!” She said excitedly, “ I am now grown spiritually and I overcame those demons.  I am now free!”

As I travel from place to place, I have come to meet several other brothers and sisters who, although being believers, are stressed up in their minds about a problem that is eating into their spiritual health. Through countless private counselling sessions I have come to know that there are many believers who are patients. Many are sick in the heart and are weary and cannot know how to overcome their dismal spiritual condition. There are many who fail to overcome a certain habit, and others who can’t feel any spiritual revival in their souls but yet have a desire to have a closer walk with God. Through time I started to arrange what I called “prayer clinics”, wherein I would take a believer through a routine session of lessons and prayer time. With a patient we share verses, prayer points, and arrange days to pray and fast. Over time a person graduates into a healthy spiritual life that can also help other patients. Seeing the great benefit of this and how easily it gets accomplished through a social media platform like Whatsapp, if you desire to get in touch about your spiritual condition, kindly click the link (after reading the group policy below ) to get in touch with me and join a prayer group that we trust will enrich your spiritual life. The group also consists of prayer warriors whom I trust will be a blessing to you!

Note that the counselling sessions will be personal but you will be added to a prayer Whatsapp Group.

Prayer Whatsapp Group Policy

The prayer group is strictly used:

  1. By the administrator to post voice recordings of daily prayer lessons, Bible readings, and announcements.
  2. By members of the group to share their experiences of how they implemented a lesson and what blessing or challenges they experienced.

Postings of images or videos (whether such contains verses or inspirational notes) will not be entertained. A member who does not adhere to this will be removed after a second warning.

Note: Members who are not active for three consecutive days are removed from the group. This is done to ensure that the group’s objective of inspiring spiritual revival in a believer is achieved. That will require active participation in the prayer activities of the group.

Prayer Clinic Sessions

These are sessions we have had in the Prayer Clinic group. One can follow them in sequence without joining the group.

Introduction: The ‘old man’ must die!

Lesson 1: Take responsibility

Lesson 2: Understanding the Law of Attraction

Lesson 3: Influence of Fellowship

Lesson 4: Being aware of the Spiritual War

Lesson 5: Redeeming your Time

Lesson 6: The Holy Spirit living in You is your Victory

Lesson 7: DISCHARGE WEEK: Eating healthy

Lesson 8: DISCHARGE WEEK: Spiritual exercise

Lesson 9: DISCHARGE WEEK: Growth

To be part of current prayer-mentorship activities join the Prayer Clinic Whatsapp Group. Send your request to