2 thoughts on “And the books were opened…”

  1. B. Andrew,

    That was a great message on the “books” and I appreciate being edified this morning. I am also very glad to see you have started your on U-tube channel as it is so easy to see if you have new postings using that medium.

    I pray you are able to rest a little before traveling back home to Zambia. B. Gan told me you have had some trials while in the Philippines, but I am certain the believers were blessed by your messages and the Word will continue to bear fruit for them in the coming days.

    I am looking forward to hearing you speak for B. Gan, and pray the Lord will continue to be with you, and you have a safe journey back home to your family.

    I continue to pray for you always that the Lord will use you for His glory in our remaining time here on earth.

    God bless and give you rest! S. Bree

    On Sat, May 6, 2017 at 12:39 AM, Andrew C. Phiri wrote:

    > Editor posted: ” For more messages visit our YouTube Channel called “For > Your Edification”” >

  2. I like your sharing Brother Andrew very inspiring word of wisdom HOW YOU WRITE YOUR OWN BOOK that was hid in God through Jesus Christ.

    I love it brother

    May God bless you more

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