2 thoughts on “You are Writing a Book”

  1.      Thank you for the great messages Bro Phiri and thank you also for your service in the ministry to the Philippines and in Singapore.       I pray that you have a safe trip home to Zambia and that you will enjoy being back home with your loved ones.      The ‘Writing the book’ message was especially edifying for me on a personal level as I have been battling personal demons as of lately. You are an inspiration to me not only in the content of the messages each week that you send, but also your personal example of your Christian walk in body and spirit, God bless all of your assembly and family as you return home,  Bro David Curtman

  2. Shalom, my Brother in Christ, we thanks to the Lord for the company with us, and enlightenment from your message @ JESUS CHRIST ROCK OF REVELATION ENDTIME CHURCH. Me and my family together with my Father and Mother was so blessed that you came here in our house to be part of your compliments here during staying in Antipolo City. Thank you for your message FRUITS OF WORTHY OF REPENTANCE, JESUS CHRIST YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER, that is the message that we learned a lot from you, and we know that you are God given preacher for us.



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