Kapiri Mposhi Visit

On 12th August, 2017 we set off to Kapiri Mposhi, a three hours journey from Lusaka, to visit and strengthen a fellowship there. The fellowship has had troubles to contend with, and it was our hope and prayer that they could be helped spiritually. I was accompanied by my wife, Norah, and brother Mwansa and his wife, sister Loveness.

During these meetings I taught on “Missing Purpose“, emphasing on the need to understand the purpose of the Messenger – his mission was to point people to Christ. When John completed his mission, he was taken and people now had to be established in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In “Throw away the Sticks!”  below, we looked at the new coveant of Grace and what it entails – not a life of lawlessness but one of being filled with the Spirit of the Law in our hearts. So Christ did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfil it. Grace is the power of the Holy Spirit abiding in the heart of the believer to give him or her rest. Thus, we do not steal, not for fear of hell-fire but because of our love for God. We gather to worship not for fear that we will be stonned for not keeping the Sabbath, but because we love God and actually  desire to be in fellowship with Him everyday! Our Holiness thus proceeds from the holiness of the Spirit that freely dwells within our hearts.

We are thankful to the Lord for the safe journey (four days before this trip my car had a breakdown in its suspension system which worried us. But by the end of the week I managed to put it back in a good state and we were able to travel safely).



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  1. God bless you bro I am brother Kimani from Kenya. I got your contact from a sister Dorothy Kiarie, a very close and dear sister to us.  She told me that you have a desire to come to Kenya probably God willing this October, may I get clarification from you then I see the way forward. Regards to your family and saints In his service Bro Kimani 

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