My fear as a teacher

As usual before I started my lecture I greeted my students and talked on one or two items that made international news headlines…the class was quiet…I continued speaking: “Remember something like that happened when the Axis powers fought against Allied forces in WWII“… I realised that I was talking to myself. Faces of students looked lost.

Curious, I asked: “Do you know what has been happening between America and Russia over Syria the past two days?” A few students mumbled some words expressing ignorance over the matter…I went further to ask: “What about the Axis powers and Allied forces. Who were they?“…None could explain.Next I asked each student to tell me something…”No sir, I have never heard anything about it” was the response from everyone.

I was deeply afraid and concerned. What will future generations be like? Will it be generations of highly skilled men in their fields of study but so ignorant of the world around them? Will they be nincompoops that know so much about Manchester United and Barcelona than where they are coming from and where their world is heading to? A generation that spends so much time on selfies and social media and very little or no time at all spent on books? No, not academic textbooks but books that would enrich someone’s understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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