“Allow girls to wear what they want, tame male students” Madam Longwe tells University of Zambia

If elderly women can encourage immoral dressing, who will teach our young women morals?

Madam Longwe in responding to the ban on immoral dress code in the university’s library said: “Management at the University must not engage themselves in violating the human rights of the female students of self expression. Why are they blaming the women? They should blame the men for lacking self control” (quoted in News Diggers, 8 May 2018).

Well, just how far can “human rights” go to express “self “? One day a strange incident happened along Burma road. A woman suddenly started taking off clothes and went completely nude. People suspected she had either become mad or she was so high on drugs. Within seconds women encircled her and struggled to dress her up! Why did they do that? Wasnt it her human right to express self?

If nakedness has to do with human rights, then on a scale of 0 to 100, full human rights should not only go halfway up to 50%, the knees. It should be 100%  –  all the way to the thighs, through the waist to the head, until someone is in her birth suite! Wouldn’t that entail full “self” expression? Wouldn’t that be full “human rights”? If this is how we are going to define “self expression” and “human rights” it is only a matter of time before we see nudists pushing for rights to walk about naked. This is not a joke. It has happened in some places of the world like Munich in Germany.

Madam Longwe went further to ask: “Who decides which is decent dressing and what is indecent dressing? Can they tell us?” she demanded.” This is an age-old argument against morality. Atheists love it. Homosexuals love it. The argument challenges one to explain, “Who said it?”
When someone says “It is wrong to comiit adultery?” the argument will ask, “Says who?” When someone says, “It is wrong to have sex before you marry even when both of you are adults and have consented”, the argument asks, “Says who?”…
This argument rests on the premise that morality is merely what many people over a period of time have come to define as a rule or norm and so has no objective standard! However, the real motivation behind the philosophy of “Says who” is a belief that THERE IS NO GOD, and the Bible is just another piece of outdated myths.However, deep inside the soul of man is that consciusness of RIGHT and WRONG; there is that something that tells us that just like everything else was made by something else, so we didnt just pop from nowhere!

Surely there are things in life that we merely adapted because our society upheld the behaviour. However, there are also things that were never taught or handed down to us but yet were instrinsic characteristics right from the time we breathed the first time. Did you go for some training as a baby to how to identify a nipple, and how to know that your mouth was meant to sqeeze it so that something refreshing and sweet to your tongue should come out of it?

Soul, as defined by William Branham, means “the nature of the Spirit” . See, when electricity passes through a light bulb, it will turn ON. When the same electricity flows through a fan, it will make its mortar begin to rotate. It is the same electricity but manifesting the nature of light when in a bulb and the nature of propulsion when through a fan.

All living things have the Spirit of life from God. When that spirit of life is in a mango tree it causes it to produce mango fruits. Thats the nature God defined for that tree. When the spirit of life is in man, he manifests attributes of a human being. Inside a man is a CONSCIOUSNESS of RIGHT and WRONG. Deep in a remote village of Karamoja in Uganda missionaries preached the Gospel and the naked natives suddenly felt ashamed of their nakendness and desired to be clothed. The light had struck them, and without reading Scripture about how the first parents of mankind began to dress, they received awareness of the need to be clothed. Well, in the beginning man sinned and as the result of shame clothed himself. For people to walk naked today only means one thing: we now have a generation of reprobabes who have no shame of sin. We have young women who dress in public what their grandmothers only wore in the bedroom!

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  1. So sad to see young women go inside their bedrooms,close windows and doors when dressing but come out naked…

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