God still gives Children to the barren (Testimony)

We were in a remote village in Mozambique, near the border of Malawi. The people who gathered for the meetings were quite poor in material things  but yet so rich in respecting the ministration of the Word.

Their faith was virgin – they simply believed whole heartedly the simple message presented to them from Scriptures.

After ministering, the hosting pastor asked us to pray for a woman who desired to have a child. They brought the woman forward, in front of the church. “Every time she has a preganancy it ends up in miscarriage” they explained.

If my memory serves me right, the woman had over five miscarriages and upto that time had no children! The poor woman’s face was covered in tears as I started to pray. The words of the prayer are still vivid in my mind because they turned out prophetic: “Lord, the next time I will be in this place may I hold this woman’s child.”

When our mission was done and were back in Lusaka, we received news of the different

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testimonies of healings that had occured among the people.

But there was this one testimony that is the purpose of this sharing: After a year we were invited to visit the village again. It was such a long stressful drive – from Lusaka to Chipata, then crossing into Malawi and on into Mozambique. (The Lord has sustained my small car to move these long distances over the years and it is still strong today!).

One wonderful thing about village folks is that they are hungry for God’s Word and they are eager to listen to the Word the very day you arrive. So, there was no time to rest and unwind. That evening as we were ushered into the church and I was called upon to minister, before I could start speaking, the host stepped forward saying. “We have a testimony...” He then signaled to a woman carrying a child to step forward. God answered the prayer! We rejoiced knowing that God still gives children to the barren.Only believe, All things are possible. Amen.

[The photos in the testimony above were taken on our first trip when the woman was prayed for. We seldom take photos during mission journeys. The above photos were sent to me yesterday by a brother who had accompanied us for the mission. On the next mission when the testimony child was presented he wasn’t around and none of us took any photos. Even so, our hearts have forever stored the album of the joyous services we had in Mozambique].


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  1. We praise the Lord. Our God answers prayer and faith will always pull him no matter what. Unfortunately city life has made people too busy to listen to His voice. How I long for that simple child like faith.

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