Testimony of Uganda Visit

On 11th January I received a call from Brother Akpan Nice, asking me to go with him to Uganda. He had received a word of prophecy from a sister in the congregation concerning the need to visit the country. I told brother Nice that I was still saving up money for the air-ticket cost for my April visit to Asia and so I could not afford going to Uganda by flight (Going by road was not an option as it would require me to apply for leave days from my work. It takes about four days to travel by road to Kampala and another four days for returning. Adding the three days I was supposed to be in Uganda would require me to use up about 11 of my leave days; days which will be so much needed for the Asian itinerary). When brother Nice insisted that he would pay my way, I realised the importance of the visit. I decided to set some time in prayer and fasting to seek the Lord’s will and guidance over the matter.

On the second day of my fast when I reached home from work, I went into the bedroom to have some time of prayer and reading the Word. This was on 16th January, 2019. As I prayed a verse of Scripture dropped into my heart – “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” ( Isa. 55:11). The word “prosper” got my attention. I stopped praying and began to meditate on how God’s word can be accomplished in someone’s life but yet not prosper in the thing for which it was sent! I was led to read through the book of Ezra to see how the prophecies of Jeremiah (29:10) and Daniel (9:25) got accomplished and prospered. Furthermore various events in the book of Ezra were a good type of difficulties that the five-fold ministry is currently going through in building the ‘house of God’.

After writing the thoughts I continued praying. In my prayer that late afternoon I kept supplicating saying, “Lord, let your Word prosper in the thing for which you sent it for in Uganda”.

After an hour of praying, I received the following text message from Sister Bree in USA:

I wanted you to know I am in prayer for you and the trips you are about to take the end of the month. I have set aside some time of prayer and fasting to that end. I pray the Lord will prosper His Word and encourage believers as well as call His elected to repentance while there is still time!

My heart was uplifted when I saw those words – “I pray the Lord will prosper His Word”. When I told her about the experience I had that afternoon concerning Isaiah 53:11, Sister Bree asked: “Are you aware that Brother Nice is this very minute using those same scriptures in his message? I’m watching him over YouTube.” Well, the Lord confirms his speaking to us in various ways and I could see the leading of the Lord in it all.

I flew to Uganda on 30th January, arriving there around 01:00 AM the following day, on Thursday. Brothers Charles Obwoon and Joshua Nice received me at Entebbe Airport. (Brother Joshua Nice, Brother Nice’s young brother who is also a minister of the Word, had arrived earlier in the week with brothers Akpan Nice and Christian Uzoukwu).

Left to Right: Brothers Akpan B. Nice, Joshua Akpan Nice, Andrew C. Phiri, Christian Uzoukwu, Charles Obwoon

I was taken to stay with the family of brother Ambrose Omal.

The Word confirmed with Visions & Dreams

On Wednesday, the day before my arrival, I was told of a great service the believers had when Brother Christian Uzoukwu  had ministered. A vision had been given to a sister during the service. On 1st February, I was scheduled to preach in the evening service. I took the believers through the book of Ezra, looking at types of what the Church of Christ is going through today.

It was an atmosphere filled with the joy of the Lord and a positive reception of the Word being ministered.

At the end of the service I kept hearing local ministers excitedly saying “It’s a Gideon-anointing!” I didn’t understand that until Brother Ambrose excitedly started narrating to me about a dream he had in 2018:

I had a dream the night of 30 – 1st of May 2018… It looked like I was attending a convention or crusade in a place I didn’t know and I realised it was pastor Andy of Ghana who was preaching but I was the one reading the scriptures on his behalf and then as it was going on Pastor Andy gave me a letter which was sent by Pastor Tay of Ghana to the congregation, and he gave me the letter to read to the congregation. I opened and I started reading. The only words I remember were:  “CONTINUE TEACHING THE PEOPLE ABOUT THE BOOK OF EZRA”. And then the spirit moved me to another place and I found the foundation of the church…was being dug and the workers were digging the foundation pits. I stood right there inside the foundation and the voice spoke to me saying, “GIDEON IS COMING”. The voice repeated, “GIDEON IS COMING”. I pointed my figure right inside one of the pits and drilled the pit with my finger like it was drilling machine. And then the spirit took me to another place which looked like it was a sugarcane farm. The farm was well fenced and I realised it was my cousin brother’s late farm. I entered the farm but there was no one inside. I saw nice and well maintained sugarcane plants all over, with no unkempt grass. There were only special and unique species of sugarcane that I have never seen before! So I toured the whole farm and as I was coming back through the same gate where I passed while entering I saw an armed soldier approaching me. He asked, “Who are you?”  I had a metallic sword in my hand that looked to have been made of aluminium steel. I replied to him that I am the brother of the owner of the farm and he said, “okay, fine, I thought you are an intruder”. He started conversing with me normally…escorted me to the gate and I realised they were two armed men. Then I woke up in the dream. As I was laying on my bed meditating  about the dream all of sudden I was caught up in a trance or vision… again the voice clearly spoke to me and said in two different languages, English and Kiswahili, saying “CATCH THE REVELATION, MAWOMBI”. Meaning, catch the revelation and pray. I woke up. Straight way I called my pastor and narrated to him this dream.

Yes, I taught through the book of Ezra showing the believers three troubles that have hindered the building of the ‘house of God’ – the Samaritans, false unity, and claims of one-man ministries. For the constraint of time, I could only

teach on the first two things. When brother Nice on 2nd February ministered, his message was “A good song sung Wrongly” and it hit so hard against claims of some ministries to have succeeded the Seventh Church Age messenger’s ministry. Brother Nice began his message by admonishing believers against the FEAR to stand up against error. It was such an anointed service and I knew that that was ‘Gideon’ speaking to them. We read in the Bible how Gideon separated fearful men from the brave ones who were truly ready to fight! My spirit rejoiced at the working of the Holy Spirit because on the previous day, unknown to brother Nice, brother Ambrose had shared to me a dream which exactly confirmed the message brother Nice preached! It was so uplifting to know that God was in our midst.

I took up the Sunday morning service and the joy of the Lord continued in our hearts. At one point as I preached I saw a brother in the audience looking awestruck as he listened with great attention. He then puzzledly exclaimed, “I can’t believe this!

From the pulpit I straightway left for the airport after bidding each other farewell with Brother Nice. I felt sad parting with him and the other ministers, leaving them on the field. On the way to the airport I asked brother Patrick (who was driving me to the airport) to stop the car so I could have a sight and take a photo of Lake Victoria. It is the largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of River Nile. It lies mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but also borders on Kenya.

I wait to hear more testimonies of God’s grace for the remaining itinerary. I am now preparing for Asia. We earnestly covet your prayers. From Asia there is another call to visit Malawi and Nigeria. We can only pray that God’s grace may lead us. “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev.22:17).


We continue to receive letters of testimonies of the Uganda meetings. My sincere thanks goes to Pastor Charles Obwoon who received and kept us. Heartfelt thanks to brother and sister Omal who accomodated me in their house.

8 Feb 2019 10:53 am

Shalom my precious brother.

I want to register my sincere thanks to you for accepting to follow  the  leading of the Lord for you to pay us a visit one Kampala.  Though, it was rather a very short visit, it was very sweet and I and the church  were specially  blessed by your humble ministry.  

It left sweet memories and I trust God will grant us another opportunity to fellowship together.  
Best regards 
God bless you richly. 
Brother Charles Obwoon 
4 Feb 2019 9:23 am
Hello Pastor Andrew,
God bless you .
Did you reach back home safely ?
I was blessed for the great ministry the lord has given you.
My soul was delivered and my eyes opened to see deeper spiritual things .
May my God I serve and keep taking you around the world delivering his children from bondages.
Best Regards 

Sermons preached in Uganda

The following were the sermons preached by brother A Phiri (Troubles of the Ministry & Through the Fire) and brother A Nice (A good song sung wrongly):

Troubles of the Ministry

A good Song sung Wrongly

Through the Fire

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  1. Amen Hallelouia Glory Lord Jesus Christ God bless you All brothersand sisters I pray also for you all. Interesting testimony.

  2. Was such a great thril to listen to the two sermons. I believe the Lord will deliver more people from the grips of falsehood. The lord remains your strength brother.

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