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In Lusaka we have been preparing for meetings with Bro. Strommen, however, it seems there is much work going on in Kenya and I was glad to receive a report from Bro. Strommen today concerning souls coming to Christ (read report below). That is what suffices for us here in Lusaka and we are in prayer for Brother Rolf and sister Grace for God to use them. May the Lord bless all those who wait for His appearing. A C Phiri

Bro. Rolf Strommen

Dear Bro Phiri.

Greetings to you from us here in Nairobi. The work here has taken our time and the invitations for more meetings in this area has made us consider staying up to around December 10. I wrote a little report yesterday and this is what I told my precious friends in the Lord.

We have now completed the outdoor campaign planned here in Nairobi. Yesterday we had first the morning meeting at the venue, and I ministered from Dan. 12: 7, and Rev. 13: 11-14. It is about the Antichrist and the build-up to the end of the world community’s government here on earth. Later in the day we went to the market place which we have had meetings for the past week. The space is not very big but it still holds many souls.

About 60 souls came and surrendered to the Lord that night. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the meeting. Several came and gave their testimony of the Lord’s work in their lives. The last open-air meeting on Sundays is dedicated to some testimony so that the people can see the impact of the Gospel through these meetings. Some are asked to come forward and share what the Lord revealed in their lives through the meetings both now and in the past.

Bro. Gasper calls this a Marathon operation, and that’s probably right. The entire congregation is involved. Equipment must be moved every day. Up rigging and down rigging requires work of many friends. The speaker system should work from start to stop, there is prayer throughout the campaign. I see friends who are constantly praying during meetings. When invited for intercession, our friends are right there as counselors and make sure no one is left out.

We pray for them individually and there are many different needs; also beyond salvation. I notice that there are many who bring clothes and other things that they want us to lay our hands on, as a sign, which they bring to souls they feel need to meet the Lord in a special way. Acts 19:11.

Today it is Monday and a full meeting again at the venue. We will probably be here throughout this week also, with meetings in slightly different places. Now we have been invited to come back to a convention in Tongaren; with bro. Martin Wanyana which is to be held from December 4-9. So it looks like we’re staying here in Kenya until we have to travel directly back to South Africa after this convention. We will see what the Lord does for us. We still have Uganda and Zambia that we haven’t been able to visit yet this time. But we had to skip places last year too, because of the extension of the meetings we had then.

In any case, there is no shortage of places to travel. I also get requests to get to other places. There are friends we do not know and areas that are completely new to us. It’s not easy to say no, but we can’t be in more than one place at a time. At the same time, we must know the Lord’s leadership for what we do. If the Lord does not build the house, they work in vain who build upon it; if the Lord does not guard the city, the watchman watches in vain. Psalm 127: 1. Still remember us in your prayers.

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