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Help this Website stay Online!

Shalom all,

The annual subscription for this website has expired. You can help renew the annual subscription by contributing towards the US$320.00 bill.

We thank all who have participated in the past towards this effort. Through your commitment this online ministry is now a blessing to many around the world.

God bless you.

Reflections on Faith


Annual Website Renewal Announcement

Shalom all,

This website ministry is kept online annually by free-will contributions from different believers who have found it a blessing. It is again that time of the year when this website has to renew its subscription. We request all who are able to, to contribute towards the payment of US$320.00 annual subscription and domain registration.

To contribuet contact the undersigned.

To all who have always contributed towards this online ministry, your efforts have made it possible for different ministries to be a blessing to believers aroud the world.

God bless you.

A C Phiri

Crusade preparations begin…

Shalom all,

Preparations for the Gospel Crusade, to take place in October in Eastern Province of Zambia, have began. A 2-acre field is about completed being cleared and levelled and on Tuesday, 5th June 2022, construction of the stage (a concrete structure which will convert to the foundation of the new church building) will start. This will have to be followed by making upfront payments for the tent and about 1500 chairs.

Any offering towards meeting expenses of these works will greatly help. More importantly, pray for salvation and deliverance of souls during this Gospel Campaign. The Lord Jesus Christ still saves and heals! Wherever you are, reach out to a soul in need and proclaim the liberating power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Go to this page for details on how you can support the outreach ministry.

Broadcasts resuming this Friday!

From the time the Reflections on Faith website got launched in 2013 traffic to the website has been growing. With the introduction of the radio ministry there was an unprecedented surge in traffic. With the traffic came an increase in emails containing prayer requests, Bible questions and requests for books.

However, of great note concerning the radio ministry was the fact that more traffic came from recordings that got posted on the website instead of the live radio broadcast.

Sadly, the traffic was poorly and inconsistently managed due to other missionĀ  and church ministry demands. Then we have the Daily Devotional platform which has become such a great blessing to many around the world. The platform started with very few people but has today grown into such a blessing that any instance of a day without a posting on the platform will always lead to an inflow of inquiries about why there was no posting. On different occasions I have received emails with the words, “I depend on the devotionals everyday and they help me start my day“. It was then I saw the need to efficiently manage the Daily Devotional schedule. However, having to divide time between ministry work, missions, personal prayer, secular work, and family increasingly became difficult. Towards the end of 2021 many schedules were poorly managed and many Bible questions and book requests went unattended.

It is against this background that two important decisions had to be made for the year 2022.

First, a podcast studio had to be set up. This has been done and we are set to resume broadcasts on 11th February. This initiative will yield three important advantages: we will be in full control of time and content, we will be able to have two broadcasts in a week at no cost, and Brother Jesse Nzima and myself will no longer have to drive late at night to and from the radio studio [on nights of radio broadcasts we often arrived back home at midnight and the editing and uploading of the audio file had to be done before going to bed to sleep. That left me with only about four hours of sleep. In the morning I had to report for work. This was quite a tiring experience].

The ROF studio has two tables; one for the speaker and another for the moderator

Among other things this cute bookshelf will help keep various reference papers and books for use during in-depth Bible study series.

Secondly, Sister Norah Phiri, will now have to be fully bound to the office work of responding to book requests, mailing books and monthly newsletters, editing and uploading podcast recordings, and ensuring the Daily Devotional ministry schedule is always up-to-date.

I pray and trust that this new arrangement will enable us work better and more efficiently in this little work we do for the body of Christ. We earnestly covet your prayers.


A C Phiri